Year of Projects Update – Week 3

Well, my attempt at year of projects weekly posts lasted exactly 1 week. Sigh, I did tell you this would happen though. 🤷

I actually have made almost no progress in the past two weeks on any of the projects on my list. I have not done a lot of knitting at all, it’s just been a blah few weeks for me on the mental front. Sometimes when I’m not doing well I knit a LOT, and sometimes it means I don’t knit at all. The past two weeks were the latter. But I finished my test knit socks (more info to come tomorrow for a Sock it to me Monday post!) and I’m working on the last clue of the TTL MKAL. Slowly but surely getting some knititng mojo back. The only official YOP work I’ve done is one square on my blanket – I’ll have to step it up to finish the 6 I want to finish each month!

In non-knitting news, I’ve been watching a lot of World Team Tennis. It’s great to watch live sports at all, and I really enjoy the team format of the game. Last night I made some homemade ramen which was really delicious!

Anyway, this was a quick one as there’s not too much progress but I just wanted to say hello, I’m still here, and that I do want to try and keep up with YOP updates 🧶


  1. lockdown is exhausting on the mental front – don’t let YOP became a chore, I don’t think it matters if you don’t post for a while!
    And can I say, I am really sorry I couldn’t taste those ramen, as that is a very inviting bowl!

  2. Lovestoswatch is exactly right! FWIW, I found my lost mojo this week. Here’s hoping you find yours soon, too. But it’s okay if it takes a while. It will return. That bowl is amazing looking. I want to go fix me something right now that looks that delicious. 🙂

  3. I hear you. I’ve been through this when lockdown began in Germany. At first, I was so motivated to start doing all the things I hadn’t had time for before, then I began to feel overwhelmed, and in the end I sat and read or played computer games all day, and felt horrible for not being the least bit productive. Just take your time, craft when you feel like it, and take time out when you don’t feel like crafting. Post when you can and feel like it, and don’t worry, there is no “must do this” or “must post every so often” in YOP.

  4. Your homemade ramen looks delicious!
    Everyone has those down times when they just aren’t up for much. Give yourself space – you have a lot going on!

  5. Guess what? It’s okay to fall off the wagon. A few years ago, I fell off hard due to some major depression and anxiety-related issues. I couldn’t knit for quite awhile. I did do a crazy amount of writing, however. It’s all good, promise!

  6. That Ramen looks delicious. Your mojo for crafting will return Especially if you are able to make and eat such beautiful meals. Have a good week.

  7. Like Ella says there’s no ‘must do’ with YOP. So don’t let that be something that plays on your mind. These are crazy times and everyone is navigating their own way through it, for me I find YOP comforting at its routine, but I established that routine over 21 months before lockdown had even started. I can’t seem to add any new routines to life at the moment, so just drop in whenever. No pressure.

  8. Somehow having more time to do things makes me less inclined to do them. Can’t explain that at all. To get through these extremely unique times requires me to do what I fancy rather than what I feel I should do…. and if this means not getting dressed till nearly lunch time, well so be it…………. I don’t know this dish that you prepared but it certainly looks tasty and very healthy.

  9. That ramen looks amazing. I am so impressed!

    Hang in there and I hope you continue being gentle with yourself. Things are SO bizarre right now. I hope you take comfort in your flurry of finishes from last month and use this time to rest and relax, with no pressure.

  10. These past several months have been difficult ♥ Your ramen looks so yummy!! Making me drool! Take care of yourself ♥

  11. That’s why I don’t join things like the YOP because when I know I have a schedule and that I should post it becomes a task and suddenly I catch myself procrastinating and looking for excuses 😉
    Your ramen looks delicious, and I hope you feel better mentally and emotionally soon!

  12. Your homemade ramen looks yummy. Don’t worry about not posting every week. As long as you don’t disappear for weeks at a time. That is when we worry about you. We are a bunch of mother hens. OK, I am a mother hen. LOL

  13. There are no hard and fast rules here! YOP is and should always be fun, so post when you want, when you feel like it. I often miss weeks and sometimes I post on another day of the week. It’s fine!
    Your ramen looks lovely, I have never had it, so may have to look out a recipe!

  14. I feel the same. There are weeks when I accomplish a lot. And others where I feel like I can’t get anything done. These are strange times for sure.

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