Lost and Found

So… I have good news and bad news. So a few months ago when I cleaned up all my old WIPS, I said; “And there’s one bag that I thought I had with some really old projects in there, which I can’t find. ” Well, you guessed it, I found that bag yesterday. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there were only two projects in there I wanted to keep, I’ve since already finished one, and frogged the rest. So, let’s take a look at the contents off the bag, shall we?

These are the projects that have been frogged. I think most of them are from 2015/2016. Not too much to say about these, but yeah… they had been sitting around for that long, I wasn’t ever going to get to them. Among them are included my first three attempts at socks, a shawl that I really liked but messed up and it was impossible to frog, and a hat where the yarn broke midway through the crown.

The first project that I want to keep is this mens’s jumper. Now, I didn’t knit all this, it was actually knitted by my roommate’s grandmother for her grandfather. At some point, she wasn’t able to knit any more so it got handed on to me to finish. Yes, like at least 3 years ago….. Whoops, I’m a horrible person. To be fair, at the time I got this, I hadn’t ever made a sweater yet, but still… See that little tiny bit on the green needes? That part is me. Hmm, can I knit two patterned sleeves in a week? My roommate is going on vacation the first week of August, maybe I can finish this off and have it done as a surprise for when she gets back.

The next items are these socks. These were a much more recent project, I started them in the summer of 2018, and as you can see, they were actually almost done! They got shoved in this bag because the needle broke halfway through a round, and I got really frustrated and just angrily put them wherever I found a spot. So, in the spirit of 2020 being the year of finishing off old projects, I actually took a few hours last night and this morning and completed these!

  • Pattern: My preferred vanilla sock recipe
  • Yarn: Night Owl Fibers self striping sock in the colorway “My Favorite Things” 
  • Timeline: cast on 2018, cast off 7/24/20

Not too much too say about these, they are vanilla socks lol. I tried the afterthrought heel with 5 rounds of plain knitting and the rounded decreases again. I think I do like that a lot for me, but I need to work on placement of the heel. These are just a smidge big, so I think I might send to my sister who has longer feet than I. Also the socks are slightly fraternal but the heels are the same. I want to be annoyed by it but honestly… I’m just not. I wanted to maximize how much yarn was leftover, so there you go. I think all this knitting in 2020 has made me more apathetic about the finish product, if that makes sense? Also, I learned with these that I can finish my standard toe in about 35 minutes if I focus on it, so that’s nice to know.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I’m probably not. The WNBA bubble season begins tomorrow, so I’ll probably switch off watching that and World Team Tennis. I’m also hoping to finish off reading Mexican Gothic.


  1. What a fun find! And your newly finished socks are beautiful. I had to look close to see why they are fraternal twins and not identical. I would never have noticed if you hadn’t said anything. Not sure how fun the weekend will be, but tomorrow we’re heading to MILs to clean out some more stuff. It’s a little like a treasure hunt, so that makes it a little more enjoyable.

    1. The WNBA is women’s pro basketball- they’re doing their season in a “bubble” this year all the teams are in one location and they’ll play all the games over the course of a few weeks

  2. Oh wow – congratulations on finding the lost bag – all the better that it was so easy to determine whether or not you could finish or frog! The socks look amazing, the yarn is very pretty and summer-y!
    As for the sleeves – maybe you could watch something and knit them on the side? (I have to watch something when I knit sleeves) But in any case, you ARE working on the sweater (which si really pretty), so you can do it! And she will be surprised nevertheless, I think. 🙂

      1. true … sorry. *head-desk* I have seen some posts about the “Bubble” on tumblr, but couldn’t make any sense out of it, but have to admit that I was too lazy to google it. but I think sports would be great!

      2. Basically all the players and coaches and referees are in one place for the next two months or whatever. So there’s no travel between games and stuff. It’s supposed to help keep everyone safe and should be a good thing from what I can tell

      3. You’re the best!!! Thank you so so much, seriously! It makes sense now, and I hope it works. 🙂

  3. The socks look great, the yarn colours would go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, as I love those colours. It must be great to make the frog or progress decisions and take some action. Especially on some long term WIPs, it’s like you are giving your WIPs the Marie Kondo method. A great idea.

    1. Yes! I haven’t read her books or watched the series, but I know the general idea of it and I did try to apply the “does it bring me joy” thought process when I looked at all my projects

  4. Great that you found your lost bag of WIPS! The new old socks look great! It is sometimes very satisfying to decide to let go of things you aren’t going to do. It’s a weight off for sure!

  5. Well, at least the lost bag of WIPs had mostly easy decisions inside! Frogging projects can be annoying, but it’s also really freeing. And you had a win with those socks! They look great, and I also had to be told that they were fraternal. I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Good luck on the sleeves!

  6. Yay that you found the bag, that kind of thing would bug me until I found it. Plus the socks are so pretty, it would have been a shame not to finish them off.

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