Yop 20/21 – Week 4

Hello and happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Yesterday was a pretty ideal Saturday, or at least as ideal as they get nowadays. I went to knitting club outdoors in the morning, and saw some friends in person there I hadn’t seen since March. The outdoor area was also in use by a ukelele group, so we got some live music along with our crafting. Then I came home and watched basketball. The women of the WNBA are doing amazing things this year. They have dedicated this season to Breonna Taylor and the Say Her Name campaign. Watch this video of how the season started. The players also only talked about their fight for social justice during the on court interviews and not about the game. I’m really appreciative of all these players who continue to try to make our world a better place. They are using their platform for good.

In YoP land, I actually made some good progress this week! As a reminder, here’s what I’m working on this year. I am going to call finishing the latest pair of socks a win in the finishing longstanding WIPs category! I also finished four more blanket squares so I’ve met my goal for July of 5 squares! And I’ve put in some time on the Great Western Way shawl and Ranch Coat. I actually don’t really think I’ve shown the shawl before, so here’s a picture.

(sorry for the weird lighting, it’s early in the morning)

This is a shawl I designed for my train trip across Canada last year. The route is called the great western way, which is where the name name from. The train runs from Toronto to Vancouver, which is four nights if you do the whole trip, which I did. I tried to pick motifs that were vaguely reminiscent of train tracks, trees, mountains, and snowflakes since that’s what you see on the trip. This past week, I finished off the first snowflake motif and started the second. I think I’ll do one more repeat of the train tracks pattern then finish it off with the blue.

Again, sorry for the lighting on this one but I was up early and didn’t want to forget about writing this post 🙂

Everything from the marker is what I did yesterday. I’m really liking knitting this one, and I need to start working on it more! It struck me yesterday that it will be August in a week, and this needs to be done my mid-October! Putting in this work yesterday only is 4% of the stitches I need for the entire sweater, so I would need 25 more days like that, and that was a lot of knitting yesterday. So even through October feels so far away, it’s definitely not! Normally I wouldn’t necessarily care about a non-test knitting deadline, but because all my friends are knitting sweaters with this yarn specifically for when Rheinbeck would have been, I need to get this finished!

I also added one other thing to the YOP list, which really should have been there since the beginning as I always intended to make it during this YOP year. My friend is getting married in March (I’m actually one of the bridesmaids) and I want to make a nice lace shawl for her, in a matching color as the bridesmaids dresses. Anyone have any good pattern recommendations?

I hope you all have a nice week!


  1. That’s great about the WNBA. I don’t watch sports, so I was unaware of their campaign. I’ll have to read about it….Welcome to the group…

  2. I love everything about the shawl you designed, the story, the patterns, that is such a lovely idea. Back when we were a double income and spent a lot of money on holidays we planned to do a big tour of Canada. The shawl is a lovely reminder of your trip. A shawl for your friend’s wedding sounds like a wonderful idea. Good luck picking a pattern, there are certainly some beautiful ones out there.

  3. lol. Finally found the comment area. Duh. Sometimes I am so dense. Anyways, I love love love the shawl. You should consider publishing it (if you haven’t already.)

  4. The Great Western Way shawl is fabulous. I am amazed at how intricate it is. It looks super soft and cuddly too. You have done a great job on the design.Good luck finding the perfect shawl pattern for the wedding.

  5. What a lovely way to commemorate your trip, It’s beautiful and the trip sounds like a great getaway. You are certainly talented and I look forward to seeing it as it is finished!

  6. Hmmm your shawl is beautiful and looks like great fun to knit. I used to knit quite a bit of lace back in the day but what would suit a particular bride, and fit in with your schedule, is beyond me. What would the bride like? Is she a lacy kinda gal and if so florals/organic vs geometric?

  7. I agree with you on the social justice front! I don’t get regular channels as I don’t have satellite or cable but I love women’s sports. I lvoe your shawl! It is gorgeous especially since you designed it and it has s uch special meaning. I love trains and I know that had to be a beautiful trip! I took one as a child except in the U.S. across the country and it is something I will never forget.
    I love the blue but is it a sweater? You have some lovely projects!

  8. I LOVE you Great Western Way shawl – how fun!! And I love that you’re designing it yourself!

    I’m glad you’ve had such an awesome weekend and had a chance to catch up with some old friends.

  9. How fun is that – to have live music accompanying your knitting! Your Great Western Way Shawl is beautiful. What a lot of detailed colorwork! I love the story behind its designs.

  10. Your shawl is wonderful and a lovely way to remember a trip. I would knit something by Boo Knits myself for a wedding but there are so many lovely patterns…

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