November WIP Wrap-Up

November last year was the month where I knit the most stitches ever, and while progress has been a little slower this November, it was still a great month for knitting this year!

WIPs/UFOs on November 1: 6

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Fall Monkey Socks, Shawlography MKAL, Wavelength Sweater, Patons Stockinette Socks)

6 knitting/ crochet projects sitting on a bed.  1 blanket, two shawls, 1 sweater, and two socks.
November 1 WIPs

Projects cast on in November: 1


Projects cast off in November: 3

(Shawlography MKAL, Fall monkey socks, Wavelength Sweater)

Projects frogged in November: 0

WIPs/ UFOs on December 1: 4

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Patons Stockinette Socks, Cempasúchil)

6 knitting/ crochet projects sitting on a bed.  1 blanket, two shawls, 1 sweater, and two socks.
Dec 1 projects

Blanket squares completed: 12

New Blanket count – 135 (28%)

A patchwork blanket of knitted squares sits on a wooden floor

Total Stitches in November: 103,700

Days stitch goal met (goal changes daily based on what’s needed to meet yearly goal): 20

Projected 2021 year end stitches: 993,951

The thing I’m most excited about this month is getting my non-blanket WIP count back down to within 5, which is the goal I set myself for this YoP year. I had good reasons for casting on what and when I did in October, but it’s nice to see that number back down to a manageable level. Now, who knows if and when I’ll make any progress on the two sort of untouched long term items (the Grandma Shawl and Larksfoot blanket) but it’s nice to keep it to one or two active projects. If you’re newer around here, there was a point in 2020 where I had more than 20 wips/ ufos and I like this number a lot more! I’m wondering if I should make it a goal in 2022 to try and work on some of those long term projects. Like try to have something to show in these monthly updates on at least one of any long term projects. And if I haven’t touched it for a few months then commit to frogging? But I don’t know because I do like the idea of both these projects, but I usually just want to actively work on other things more.

I’m also really excited about getting so many squares done this month! I worked on the blanket for 2-3 days straight between finishing the fall socks and waiting for my Cempasúchil yarn to arrive. I know this will still be a years long project, but I find making those little squares so satisfying! The fact that I often test knit and usually need to devote all my knitting time to a specific project makes it hard for me to envision doing a square a day, though if I did that I could have it done in less than a year, since there’s only 346 squares left!

It’s looking like just about all of my knitting in December will be on the Cempasúchil top, with perhaps some progress on the stockinette socks once that gets too unwieldy to bring to work. The deadline was extended given the stitch count errors, so now I have until mid Jan, but still need to average 1,800 st per day to get there. Definitely very doable, but I liked the idea of getting this one done by the end of the year. That would take 2,600 st per day, which again is doable for me but means I wouldn’t really work on anything else. We’ll see though, because the body of this sweater does kind of fly, plus I’ve got a good amount of days off coming up as well.

I’ll leave you all with my 1 second a day video for this month. I hope you all have a great day! Did you accomplish what you wanted to in November? What will you be working on in December?


  1. I totally agree with you on the number of WIPs on the go. I’m not sure I am mentally strong enough for 20, so good for you for getting yours wrangled. I hope your days off = lots of relaxation and knitting and enjoying the season!

  2. I hope you have a good routine for massaging your hands and wrists. I was struck by wrist pain for 3 days earlier this week and I’m not knitting anywhere near as much as you and you came to mind with how much you do. Your achievement to get your WIPs down is great. Unless you want the yarn for something else then I don’t see an issue with some longer term hibernating projects.

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