January WIP Wrap-Up

Happy February everyone! I had to be a little quiet on the blogging front the past few weeks, but my knitting needles have not been quiet, so I’ve got a lot to share here!

WIPs/ UFOs on January 1: 3

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Patons Stockinette Socks)

Jan 1 WIPs

Projects cast on in January: 4

(Butterfly Garden Test, Pebbles and Pathways Socks, Vertices Unite, Vanilla Bean DK Socks)

Projects cast off in January: 0

Projects frogged in January: 1

Patons Stockinette Socks

WIPs/ UFOs on February 1: 6

(Grandma Shawl, Larksfoot Blanket, Butterfly Garden Test, Pebbles and Pathways Socks, Vertices United, Vanilla Bean DK Socks)

Feb 1 Projects (the test knit is hidden but you can see how much yarn I’ve used – I had 4 skeins of the grey to start)

Blanket squares completed: 32

New Blanket count – 171 (36%)

Feb 1 blanket

Total Stitches in January:  117,698

Days stitch goal met (goal changes daily based on what’s needed to meet yearly goal): 27

Projected 2022 YE stitches: 1,385,799

2022 Stitch progression as of Jan 31

Apparently I was in a new year, new cast on mood this month! 4 cast ons in one month is a lot for me. But I really couldn’t say no to a DK sock test from one of my favorite designers, and of course the Vertices United is a KAL that I didn’t really plan on casting on when December ended but whoops here we are. I had sort of been hoping to finish one of the pairs of the socks within the month, but it was not to be, as I was trying to dedicate time each day on my test knit due in March, so some days with rehearsal, all I had time to work on was a square and a few rows on that. I’m hoping to finish off the test knit in the next two weeks or so, I’m just about to start the stranded colorwork yoke on this bottom up sweater. I am super excited about my blanket progress this month! I did end up making a square every day (one day I did 2!) so I’m very slightly ahead of track to finish by the end of the year.

I think February will be more of the same. Hopefully I’ll cast off the test knit top and both socks this month, and then can spend some time on Vertices Unite. I don’t really have my next projects planned, I’ll probably cast on one of my sweater stashes and another pair of socks. But I’d like to also spend some time on the Larksfoot blanket and Grandma shawl. Those have both hit two years of being in progress, and I said that if I don’t touch them in 2022 I’d frog them.

What will you be working on this month?


  1. You did well on your stitch count. I have never thought about counting stitches. That would very a whole new way of showing progress. Especially on large projects.

  2. Great job on the blanket progress! I look forward to seeing the test knit when you’re allowed to show it off. I’ve been wanting to make a sweater with a colorwork yoke, so I’ve been especially enjoying seeing those projects lately.

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