Backstage Knit Tracking

My day job is in insurance, and I use spreadsheets all. the. time. So I developed a tracking Excel tool and I’m passionate about sharing the joy of tracking your stitches and progress.

Spreadsheet Based Project Tracking

Tracking for any pattern

I’ll translate a pattern into Excel, which you will then use to mark the rows or rounds you complete each day. This information automatically updates progress information and charts. You can submit a request for any type of project found in any format.


I will set up a Zoom call prior to sending you the final version of the spreadsheet to share how it works and make sure you’re comfortable using it.

Goals and projections

Have a gift or a test knit you need to complete by a certain day? My tracking tool includes information on average stitches needed per day and projected completion dates for you to have an up to the day idea of where you stand.


My rate is $8 US/ hour. Invoicing and payment are completed through PayPal.

Coming Soon

I’m always improving! Here are some plans I have for improving my spreadsheets going forward: option for Google Sheets, due date change & customization, auto tracking with buttons, crochet projects.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!