Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m so happy to have you here.

My name is Kathryn, and I set up this blog to talk about my knitting. I have been knitting steadily since late 2014, though I first learned when I was in middle school. Knitting is a way for me to relax, challenge myself, meet new friends, and make beautiful things. I figured out a few years ago that my driving force is to create things people use or enjoy, and knitting fits right into this.

That driving spirit is not just about knitting though. It’s what keeps me engaged at my day job at an insurance company, working on process improvement to make other people’s jobs easier. It’s also why I do theater – the name of this blog comes from my love of working on a show.

On this blog you’ll find my musings around the projects I knit and how they fit into my life. I love to get to know my fellow bloggers, so stop by and say hello!