Cast On – Hearth Hat

I’m currently in a weird state with my knitting – I have one big project I’m hoping to finish (Telegramme Sweater) but don’t really have anything else I’m excited about. I have a bunch of sweaters I want to knit, but nothing I feel like I must knit. My languishing WIP pile is large but nothing is really calling my name in terms of working on it. There’s so much in the world of knitting that sometimes I struggle to really feel inspired or pick my next project. I haven’t really hit a knitting funk yet, I’ve knit for at least an hour every day in the past week, but I’m feeling like there’s not too much on the horizon.

So whenever I get in these potential funks (funks yet to be? Pre-funk-i-ness?), I take a look at two things – knitalongs and test knits.  I think these are great because it takes the choice out of my hands.  Someone is literally telling me – here, knit this thing.  For knitalongs, if someone I follow on Instagram isn’t doing one, I often look at this group which shares knit-alongs.  For test knits, I go to Free Pattern Testers or The Testing Pool to see what open calls are up.  I have a post about test knitting planned in the future, so more about the differences between those two to come. 

This week, nothing that was or had started in January in the Knitalong Groups was speaking to me, and there wasn’t much for February for me to plan ahead and get excited about. I’ll probably cast on another Ripple Bralette for the #jessiemaedalong but want to get a fingering weight garment OFF the needles first. So I took a look at Free Pattern Testers and found something I really liked!

Nice relaxing evening with some colorwork

This is called the Hearth Hat. It’s a worsted weight stranded color work hat. I somehow have a bunch of solid colored worsted in my stash so Should be a perfect quick little palate cleanser, which I’m hoping to have done by the weekend! I’m already past this point and on to the real colorwork chart.

Nice Fo-tos and more details on the process coming once it’s been released!


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