Mesotherm Socks!

Wow, it’s been more than a month since I blogged. This quarantine life is HARD y’all. But I have been getting a small amount of knitting done, and one of those things was a new pair of socks so I figured I’d blog about that!

  • Pattern: Mesotherm Socks by Carolyn Lisle
  • Yarn: Fat Cat Knits Tough Sock (discontinued), used just under 40 g each total for fraternal socks
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm); US 1 (2.25 mm)
  • Timeline: first sock took about a week, didn’t work on it for about a week, knit most of the second sock over a weekend.
  • More details on my Ravelry project page

I knit the first of these as a test knit. I’ve tested for Carolyn several times before and I really enjoy her patterns. They look really complicated and impressive but are actually fairly simple. I really love how this two color cable turned out. These were really fun to work on because I wanted to keep going on the cable pattern. I can definitely see myself knitting these again but I probably would either go down a needle size. My usual sock is 68 st on 2.25mm needles and I knit these socks 72 st on 2.5 mm. They definitely fit but I’m worried about their longevity.

Other than that things are ok… I didn’t really knit for a few weeks there. My work got really busy for a while. I work with people in India, and the country went on lockdown. Our folks over there weren’t prepared to work from home (our company didn’t let them before) and so there was a lot happening to try to ramp up production again. I’ve had to do a lot of different things that I did not plan for. Which was fine, but just busy.

Other than that I’ve been doing a lot of cooking! So far I’ve made homemade pasta, empanadas, eggplant parm, and a lot other various things. I’ve been having Hello Fresh and Green Chef boxes delivered so there’s a wide variety. I really love cooking because it’s something that takes some time and it’s something I can control. My roommate loves to bake so we make a good pair, we’ve each shared with each other which is great.

Hope everyone is doing well! I do plan to blog a bit more frequently in the next few weeks, and check in with how people are doing too.


  1. I love the socks!! They came out beautifully – I see wy you are concerned with the longevity though, I have had a similiar problem with patterns that come only in one size or in a size that is usually too large for me but otherwise might be too tight.

    The food looks super yummy! Also, I can totally understand that things were a little rough at work – I mean, a lot of folks here can’t work from home regularly, and it DOES take a while to get used to. I’m glad you found the energy to blog, and I hope you stay well!! 🙂

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