June WIP Wrap-Up

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I’m trying something new this month – In my effort to stay motivated to complete some of my long-standing WIPs this year, I’m going to do a monthly WIP wrap-up and talk about the status of all my projects. I got this idea from Nicole over at BookWyrm Knits. We’ll see if this helps or just annoys me. I’m also doing Year of Projects (more to come soon on that), and it might get too formulaic to do both so we’ll see how long this lasts.

I’m not counting my scrap blanket as a WIP but I will track the # of squares I do each month and I plan to weave in the ends of the squares I can at the end of each month. I have a tentative plan of making a 480 square blanket (24×20) so this one will be with us for a while!

WIPs/UFOs on June 1: 8

(Danzing Shawl, Catkin Shawl, Hermonie’s Spun Socks, I Want a Revelation socks, Great Western Way Shawl, Grandma Shawl, Druid Circle sweater, Larksfoot blanket)

Projects cast on in June: 5

(TTL MKAL 2020, Fully Spun Pride Socks, Galewood, Wispy Crown Socks, Rainbow Rollers, Ranch Coat)

Projects cast off in June: 4

( Fully Spun Pride Socks, Galewood, Hermonie’s Spun Socks, Rainbow Rollers)

WIPs/ UFOs on June 30: 10

(Danzing Shawl, Catkin Shawl, I Want a Revelation socks, Great Western Way Shawl, Grandma Shawl, Druid Circle sweater, Larksfoot blanket, TTL MKAL 2020, Wispy Crown Socks, Ranch Coat)

Blanket squares completed: 6

New blanket square count/ %: 68 – 14%

Wow, I did a lot of knitting this month! Unfortunately I did not make a dent in my total WIPs/UFOs count, because I knit a lot of things just self contained in June. I did finish one more of my long term sock WIPs – only one more to go!! I also cast on three new projects which were always planned to go into July, so I ended the month with two more WIP. Sigh, not really the direction I want to be going. Goals for July will be to finish the MKAL shawl and Wispy Crown socks, and then start making a dent in one of my long-term shawl projects and the Ranch Coat. Great Western Way is the closest to done so I think that’s where I’ll start.

What about you? Did you make progress on your WIPs in June?


  1. I so admire your stamina and ability to juggle. I can’t do this at all. I mean not at all – not one little bit. I think I would struggle to sleep with all those WiPs waiting for attention. So don’t beat yourself up – be proud of and celebrate your commitment and variagated focus. I really really wish I could do it.

  2. I hope this ends up helping you instead of annoying you, but I totally get how it could go either way! Sometimes it annoys me too, but usually in my case it’s because I get annoyed at myself for not making enough progress.

      1. To be fair, for me at least that has translated into fewer WIPs on the go at once. And since that means I get my projects finished sooner than I otherwise would have I am kinda pleased with the way it has turned out? Though I’m still not used to having WIPs in the single digits.

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