Unraveled Wednesday 7/8

Hello lovely people! Hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been doing too much knitting or reading lately, but I figured I’d stop in and link up with Kat over at As Kat Knits to share some updates. My last two posts were scheduled so it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve checked in.

My current view

There hasn’t actually been too much happening on the knitting front lately. I think after finishing 4 projects in June I just needed a bit of a break! I also have a lot of feelings about the whole Ravelry change and knitting was reminding me of that and stressing me out. But I’ve been doing a bit better and moving past that. I implemented a 30 minute Instagram time block each day and it’s actually been super helpful for me. I need to buckle down and finish my Wispy Crown test knit socks – those are due the 15th so that will be my focus! The last clue of the Through the Loops MKAL is out, and I’m hoping to maybe finish that this weekend, just about on time with everyone else (though I’m sure people are already done!!)

Through Clue 5

You can see from the picture above that I’ve started Things that Make White People Uncomfortable by Michael Bennett. I’m not even a chapter in, but I’m enjoying his unique perspective. I also finished Different Strokes, which was about the Black experience in tennis. I really enjoyed this book as well. It did a good job of presenting the entire world of tennis and how and why the amazing success of the Williams sisters didn’t necessarily translate to other Black athletes having the same success. It was critical of the systemic issues in the USTA while also coming from a place of respect for the sport. Today, the book above, See No Stranger arrived. I was VERY confused when it did, as I do not remember ordering it. It was delivered to my old address (where I haven’t lived since November) so who knows how long it’s been trying to get to me. I think what might have happened was in very early November, I went to a church event where the author of this book was speaking. I remember really liking what she had to say. I think I must have gone on the website and ordered the book (I think maybe there was a discount code), not realizing it hadn’t been released yet. The publish date was June 16th. So I would have put in my old address since I figued it would arrive in November (I was checking mail at the old place until Dec 1). So yay surprise books!

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  1. Lisa says:

    The socks look great I really love design at the cuff! The book by Michael Bennett looks interesting I might give it a read. Lovely shawl so far!

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  2. Katie says:

    Yay for surprise books, indeed! Thanks for sharing your other books — they sound so interesting!

    It makes sense to take a knitting break after your recent flurry of finishes, plus you’re back at work after vacation and that’s always hard to catch up from! I can’t wait to see your finished MKAL. I love that so many of my friends have stayed caught up with all of the clues — it feels like we’re in a giant knitting circle 🙂


  3. bonnyknits says:

    I’ll have to check out Different Strokes, thanks for mentioning it!

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      1. bonnyknits says:

        I am!! Have been since Agassi’s glory days!

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      2. Nice! I’ve only been really following it since 2017 when I went to the US Open, but I recently watched Agassi defeat Ivanisevic for the tennis podcast’s Wimbledon relieved series

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      3. bonnyknits says:

        Oh that’s awesome that you got to go! I’d love to go someday.

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  4. I love the test socks! Those look great. I know what you mean about the Ravelry change, though. I don’t personally have any issue with readability on it, but the way the whole thing is being handled is giving me not happy feelings.

    Surprise books are so much fun! I have one I preordered that showed up at my work after we all started working from home. So now it’s sitting at my desk, waiting for me to get back… (The office is generally closed, but we do have someone going in to open the mail. So at least my book isn’t sitting abandoned on the office doorstep or something.)


  5. nanacathy2 says:

    Gosh surprise books through the post- better than a slap in the face with a wet fish! hope it’s good.

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  6. Your sock and shawl are both lovely! The books look very interesting – yay for surprise books!

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  7. They are prettyyyyyyyy socks!

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