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Sock It To Me Monday – Wispy Crown Edition

First of all, thank you all for your comments on yesterday’s post. I’m very ok with not knitting for most of July, this does happen a lot of the time (see as recently as April lol!) so it’s definitely something I’m used to! Nothing major happening over here, it’s all good, but I really appreciate the support!

As I mentioned, I do have a finished object to share today!

  • Pattern: Wispy Crown Socks by Heidi Kästner 
  • Yarn: Quince & Co Finch in the colorway Cypress 
  • Timeline: cast on 6/20, cast off 7/18

I’m really happy with how these socks turned out! First of all, the yarn is PERFECT for socks. It’s really plump and high twist. I have another pair with Finch and they hold up really well. Also the colorway is really great! The perfect mix between green and teal. The pattern itself is also really nice. There was just enough patterning at the beginning to keep me interested but, transitioned to an easy to remember pattern on the top of the foot. There was a really cool tubular cast on that I enjoyed making. I also really like the linen stitch heel – this is the first time trying that technique and I really like it! I did these a little shorter, doing only two repeats of the pattern before moving on to the foot. This pattern is still in development but I would definitely recommend it once it’s been published!

9 comments on “Sock It To Me Monday – Wispy Crown Edition

  1. Those are super cute. I really like Quince and Co yarn.

  2. These turned out really pretty! I love the way they look. Nicely done!

  3. Nice socks – I like the tops 🙂

  4. These socks turned out great! Love the patterning on the tops 🙂

  5. WOW!! These came out beautiful – congratulations! (The heelflap looks super sophisticated because of the linen stitch) Isn’t it very hot where you are right now? I didn’t knit much last year either … just sweltered under the heat.

    • Yes it is very hot! But I have central air conditioning and haven’t left the house in two weeks so I haven’t really noticed it haha! I certainly don’t feel like picking up my worsted weight sweater, but getting through these socks was fine 🙂

  6. Those socks look scrumptious. Enjoy them!

  7. What simply splendid socks!

  8. They are brilliant, I love the patterning and the colour is just perfect.

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