YOP 20/21 – week 6

Just a quick update today as my internet has been down since yesterday afternoon! This is an update on my Year of Projects goals. If you like planning and blogging about planning, search for the Ravelry group and come join us!

Most of my knitting this week has been on my new test knit, which is not officially on my YoP list. So more to come on that soon! The Ranch Coat is getting a tiny bit of love, but it’s mostly been tshirt knitting. I’m already 30% done, and hope to finish within the month of August so I can have all of September for the Ranch Coat! But I have till September 30th for the test knit, so I might start to go back and forth a bit.

In YOP land, I actually made some progress on some potential sewing goals! I wanted to try and sew some masks and a project bag to get back into it, but my friends at knitting club were talking about making garments, and I went to Jo-Ann and now I have some cotton for masks and a bag but also some linen and a pattern! I’m hoping to make the C pattern on this apparently “easy to sew” pattern!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far! Aside from the lack of internet (annoying but not really a problem as I’m on a knitting and reading kick anyway) it’s been pretty nice! Yesterday I just relaxed and did a lot of knitting, today holds the same. On Friday night I went to a friend’s house to enjoy their fire pit, it was a lovely evening just chatting.


  1. An evening around the firepit sounds great. It sounds as though your Projects are coming along nicely

  2. I must have pressed the publish button! I meant to finish with saying you had an exciting haul from jo Ann’s!

  3. Hope your into gets connected soon! I will be watching for your sewing. I’m not much of a sewist and my daughter would like to learn more. We’re hoping it will be safe to take classes in the fall. If not, I’m going to have to figure something out.

    1. Oh that sounds like a great mother/daughter activity – hopefully you’re able to figure something out. I keep getting YouTube adds for a sewing tutorial subscription service so I’m considering that!

  4. I think the ‘C’ pattern will be fairly easy to sew up. I like the material you have chosen for it. Isn’t amazing how much we depend on our internet? How did we ever survive without it?

  5. Internet issues can be so annoying, but glad you have found a way to feel peaceful about it. Your sewing supplies look great. I have 3 sewing machines – mine, my mom’s and my aunt’s but now a days I just use them for mending. (although I did make a couple of masks for hubby and me).

    1. Yeah I mean I have knitting and a good book so it wasn’t too bad! It came back this afternoon. Oh wow that’s a lot of machines! I got this one from my dad when they downsized to a smaller space last year.

  6. It’s funny how we crafters are drawn to other crafty pursuits. Aldi are selling dress maker forms/mannequin and I was nearly ordering one as sewing is calling me more and more. If we had JoAnns or similar here I think I would have a stash of material already. I shall sew vicariously through you. 😀.

  7. I can’t wait to follow your sewing! I’ve been clearing the dust off of my sewing machine and have a skirt in the works. I get so nervous sewing!

    I hope your internet comes back soon. What a pain! But it sounds like you’ve had some lovely evenings with friends 🙂

  8. Great plans and great fabrics! I need to do some sewing and I like the pattern you got! I can’t wait to see it when you’re done! I hope you itnernet stabilizes. Stay safe and stay well!

  9. That looks like a comfy top and I like the buttons. I hadn’t thought of going to JoAnns for buttons which I need for baby garments. I normally buy them at the yarn shop, which is closed. Thanks for the mental nudge and good luck with the sewing projects

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