Masks! – YoP 20/21 – Week 7

Happy Sunday y’all! On Sundays I post about my Year of Projects projects. YoP is a Ravelry group of creative bloggers who plan what they’re going to work on throughout the year and then blog about it! It’s a very supportive group, we all tend to follow and comment on each other’s blogs. My list of what I hope to work on and finish this year is here.

On the knitting front, things continue to move forward on my Sun and Solace test knit. According to Excel, after what I finished yesterday, I am now 50% done! I haven’t worked on my Ranch Coat at all this week, I actually had a few days I didn’t knit during the week, so I barely even worked on the tee, much less had time to switch between the two. I also haven’t done any blanket squares yet this month.

I mentioned last week that I got a bit of fabric to try and start my foray into sewing. And since, I’ve made 3 masks! So I get to check that of my YOP list! For the first one, I used this tutorial because it was the first one I saw and didn’t require printing a pattern (I need to buy ink). It’s not a very good mask, my stitches are definitely wonky, and it seems a bit too small. I also didn’t buy elastic, when I was at the store I figured I’d use this fabric for making a project bag or an apron, but again a mask seemed quicker and I am out of ink, so I used some spare strips I found in my dad’s sewing case because I was too lazy to try and sew straps. And oh man, it took me an embarrassing number of tries to make the straps look good and come from the right place. But, it’s all good, because this was less about making a serviceable mask and more a proof of concept on the whole sewing thing. And I think it’s definitely something I like doing! It wasn’t too much of a hassle to set up the machine on my desk, though the foot petal has to be a bit farther away than is truly 100% comfortable because of the width of my desk, and it’s definitely a weekend activity because I have to move my work computer to have space for it. I was able to load a new bobbin and thread the needle and make sure the type of stitch and width and tension were “normal.” I can definitely see myself continuing, though I need to pay more attention to being careful in measuring and cutting and things like that.

Ok I wrote that last paragraph on Sunday directly after finishing my first mask, and since then I’ve made some adjustments to my setup. I don’t actually have to move my laptop and it’s stand off my desk, and if I have the power and footpedal coming from the side of the desk instead of the back, the pedal is in a comfortable position. On Monday, I made a second mask, and it definitely turned out a bit better! I was more careful about measuring, and you can see my stitches and pleats are bit more even. I actually looked up how to do pleats, and measured them, so that helped! Though I find the pleats a bit tough to execute. This mask is wider, so I think it fits a bit better! I used this tutorial, which I did find slightly easier to follow.

For my third attempt, I thought I’d try those “peaked” masks, you know what I mean. I used this tutorial. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately, so I thought I’d try filming the process just for something fun to do with my Saturday afternoon. You can see my attempt below. As I was watching back the film, I do think it is too big! Good to know for next time.

None of these masks are really perfect, or even that good, but it’s all about learning at this point for me. I do think I’m going to continue with my original plan of making an apron and/or project bag (probably and rather than or) before making a garment. As much as I want a teal linen shirt in my wardrobe, I just don’t really feel confident in my skills yet. I figure more practice is better than less.

Hope everyone has a good week! It’s definitely going to be a busy one at work, but I’m looking forward to meeting up with a friend for a walk and doing lots of knitting and reading to relax!


  1. I think they look good, and you will get better over time!! We paid a friend of mine to sew us some, and I am so glad that she was willing to do that, seriously. Good luck for your work week!! You can do it! 🙂 (Also, this might sound a bit random, but thank you so much for starting to blog. 🙂 )

  2. well done you! Did you use cotton for your masks, and how comfortable is breathing through them? I’ve been procrastinating for a while, now you are making me itch to sew them!

    1. Yep, they are quilting cotton doubled. They are pretty comfortable to breath through. I haven’t worn these outside yet, but I have worn other masks like this for a few hours a time at outdoor knitting club and once while taking a walk with a friend and it was not too bad!

  3. I LOVED watching your video of you sewing your mask! Fun. You almost make me want to make some more masks now. I really do need to get to that, but I’ve been so distracted lately I just haven’t sat myself down to do it. I also get some wonky stitching around where I put a wire in at the top, but you might find using a zipper foot on that part enables you to get closer to the edge of the mask, and closer to the wire. I kind of remember doing that, but it’s been a few months since I’ve made one so I’m not even sure of that. It looks great, though. Well done, Kathryn. You sew now! 🙂

  4. I’m just learning how to sew too and have made both styles of mask you’ve made but find the one in the video easiest and most comfortable. A project bag is on my list to make so it’ll be nice to have another newbie to sewing along the ride with me. 😀. The masks you made look great.

  5. The Crafty Quilter pattern is my favorite – I’ve played with the sizes a lot and it seems to be the best for us! I’m so glad you tried it.

    And GREAT JOB with the sewing! I’m so impressed with your first attempts. And I’m glad to see you so excited about all of the possibilities!! I can’t wait to see you do more!

  6. Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies. Don’t eat them while sewing, though, or you’ll get crumbs all over your project. 😉 It’s a good idea to practise your sewing with an apron and a project bag, and get to know your machine better. Usually, I’d say “Could you probably find a beginner’s sewing class somewhere near you?” but this is 2020, so … Craftsy might be helpful, though I think they don’t take on new subscribers until some time in September. They have great classes for all skill levels. Anyway, have fun!

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