Monday Notebooks

Hi everyone – Katie over at The Cozy Burrow has been encouraging folks to share info about their notebooks on Mondays, and while I don’t use notebooks too much in my personal life, I recently figured out a good solution for my work notebooks. I’ve been using this for a few weeks, and I really like how it’s going, so I figured I’d share.

When we started working from home, one of the things I was struggling to keep track of was to do items. In the office, I had a white board that I could make to do lists on that I would update every month. I was making daily to do lists in the notebook I was using for notes here, but it was hard to keep track of, and was taking up space I wanted to use for actual meeting notes. So I got this nice to do list pad from this shop. This has been great – I use a new page about every week, and will sometimes use a second page if I have a big task that has to be broken up into several smaller ones.

For the notebook, I was getting frustrated because I finished the first notebook I had when we first started. I was also kind of getting annoyed because I kept needing to reference things I took notes on, but I couldn’t remember where it was in the notebook. I don’t like to type notes in meetings. I thought I would give Rocketbook a try. I have the Core, which you can scan and when you use Pilot Frixion pens, they just erase. I spend a few minutes at the end of every week (sometimes every other week if it’s busy) scanning my notes and cleaning them up (the handwriting recognition isn’t 100%). This way have notes that I need but not too much paper to work through, and I can use OneNote’s search function to find what I’m looking for right away!

I don’t expect Notebook Mondays to be a regular feature around here, the only notebook I really use is my personal journal, and I’m not ready to share info about that haha!


  1. … it does … WHAT? Oh wow, that is really something new! Cool!! (I never heard of Rocketbook before and just read the instructions on the websites). That sounds REALLY nice to have for work, especially because you don’t have to log around a whole compendium at one point … nice! (The stationary from the etsy shop is so cute, seriously).

    I think this rocks, even if you don’t use the notebooks so often. It’s not for everyone, after all, some folks work better with their phones. 🙂

  2. That notebook looks amazing! I didn’t know that notebooks were getting so technologically advanced, ha!! What a brilliant solution to make your notes easily searchable and organized. I just love this. And your to-do list pad is super cute, too. What a fun addition to your office space.

    Thanks for sharing your notebooks 🙂

  3. This sounds like a great idea! I haven’t been interested in the Pilot Frixion pens before (I heard horror stories about them erasing themselves from regular notebooks in hot weather) but for a use like this they sound perfect! And I like the searchability option of uploading notes to the cloud.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen knitters do some cool things with notebooks like keep a sample of the yarn and the ball band on the page with the project. Something to consider for sure, though I tend to like to keep things digital.

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