November WIP Wrap-Up

I can’t believe it’s December already!

WIPs/UFOs on November 1: 12

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlI Want a Revelation socksGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlDruid Circle sweaterLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleevesRipple Bralette 2Joy MittsPlush Sweater, Slipstravaganza MKAL)

November 1, the only October projects that got any love

Projects cast on in November: 1


Projects cast off in November: 5

(Ripple Bralette 2Plush Sweater, I Want a Revelation socksJoy MittsAnders)

WIPs/ UFOs on November 30: 8

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlDruid Circle SweaterLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleevesSlipstravaganza MKAL)

Dec 1- The only projects I worked on in November that I didn’t complete!

Blanket squares completed: 4

New blanket square count/ %: 83 – 17%

Making progress…

Total Stiches in November: 117,041

Wow! This was a super productive month for me, both in the sheer amount of knitting I did (this is by far the most stitches since I started tracking daily stiches in August) and in terms of getting my WIP/UFO list down! 5 items completed, and only one started! My goal for December is to finish the Slipstravaganza shawl, which should be possible based on the # of stitches left and how many stitches I usually make in a month. Add in some days off and no holiday back and forths, and this is shaping up to be another good month! If I finish the shawl, I think I’m going to seriously take a look at my UFO pile again. I frogged some items in May, and when I did I said on a few that if I hadn’t worked on some things by the end of the year, I would frog them, so I think I may hold myself to that. I’ve got newer items I want to work on, and I’d rather not have this many WIPs/UFOs hanging over me.

I just want to say, whenever I talk about my productivity, I want to be careful to not make anyone feel bad if you’re not as productive. I literally have nothing else to do except knit and go to work, so that translates into a lot of knitting. I should be doing things like taking walks, working out, etc but I don’t, I knit. So while I’m excited about my personal productivity in terms of these goals I’ve set for myself for getting things off the needles, it’s my own personal excitement and getting a ton of stiches in sometimes even masks crappy times in my life, it’s not necessarily a good thing. Our worth is not determined by productivity, and I’m mostly writing that for myself too for the inevitable drop off in productivity I’ll have at some point in the future 🙂


  1. I am in awe of your productivity – you are totally justified in being excited about all the projects you are getting finished 🙂 Also, all your projects are looking fabulous 🙂

  2. Yay for making progress on your projects! That blanket is really growing – I love it!

    I agree that your productivity is motivating. I absolutely love watching bloggers share their progress!

  3. That’s some great progress! I don’t remember the Druid Circle Sweater (though I’m sure I’ve seen it before) but I really like it! The color combo looks great.

    I also have been knitting instead of doing other things I should be doing. I should be taking more walks, doing more than basic cleaning, etc. But I am knitting. I also have to remind other people that this is pretty much all I’m doing when they comment on how productive I’ve been.

    1. I started the Druid Circle wayyyy back in January so it’s been a long while since it’s been on the blog lol!

      Yes exactly! It’s like sure I’ve done a lot but lots of other things haven’t gotten done

      1. January seems like a lifetime ago…

        Exactly! They talk about how they’ve helped their kids with school, and walked the dog, and started doing yoga, and I’m like… I knit…

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