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Sock it to me Monday – December Dandys

A quick pair of socks off the needles!

These were a fun little pair of socks! I basically used the Fine and Dandy socks more for the toe-up heel flap and gusset pattern, but figured I might as well use the stitch pattern as well. I really like the toe up heel flap and gusset – I should use it more! I edited the pattern a bit to fit to my usual 68 inch sock, and I think it turned out really well! They look a bit big on my blockers, but that’s actually good for me. I’m definitely going to use that template again.

I did this pattern to use up my December club set, and I got 10 g of the CC, which is not enough to make toes as heels for my size. As you can see, I was able to find some coordinating grey from my stash. I was too lazy to cut and reattach the MC to finish the heel with that. I definitely have a good amount of the MC leftover, I was considering doing a bit longer cuff, but the stitch pattern requires you to shift stitches, and that’s a pain with two at a time, so I just did the rolled cuff. I think next month I may do some colorwork with the CC so I can use less of it and more of the MC.

If you look at the blog from the actual site and not WordPress reader, you’ll noticed I changed the theme. I’m still tinkering a bit, there’s some stuff I like and some I don’t, so we’ll see. If you have feedback let me know!

20 comments on “Sock it to me Monday – December Dandys

  1. Does this pattern have you knit W&T short rows for the heel turn?

    • It does, but I used German short rows cause I can never get wrap and turns to look good!

      • I love the clean lines toe up makes with that heel but after my first pair of socks that way, I kept messing.up.on the pairs afterwards. I may go back to cuff down because it seems I would get through socks faster.

      • Yes, cuff down has the benefit of getting quicker to make as you go! I like toe up if I’m worried about yardage

  2. Congratulations on a new pair of beautiful socks! The colours look great (and I have some pairs that look HUGE but fit me just fine).

    I really like the new design, especially the background colour and the writing, it’s a very soothing website and I have the feeling that the photographs “pop” a bit more.

  3. Ooh that yarn is gorgeous! And a cute pattern to boot!

  4. I am determined to make my next pair toe up. I tried it once and the toe was so hard to manage for the first few rows. When I finally manage to get one cast on, it didn’t look nice and tidy. I think there are other cast-ons I can try. Does your sock call for a provisional?
    PS. I really like your site. I think it is lovely!

    • Thanks!
      I use Judy’s magic cast on for the socks – it definitely very fiddly, especially if it’s two at a time. I love the idea of doing a provisional cast on and then decreasing the toe! I agree that decreases look nicer than the m1 increases

      • Provisional then decreasing the toe!! That’s brilliant! I thought the provisional was only for the sake of grafting. This would be great for contrasting toes, right? I’m so happy to know this, you have no idea!

      • I just thought of that based on your question! So thanks 😊 Maybe I’ll try that on another pair

      • Well, aren’t we a pair of brainstorming gals!

  5. Those are so cute! I love the two-color heels, though I probably wouldn’t love weaving in the extra ends.

    • Yes that is true! But I am now a disciple of Stephen West’s Weavin’ Stephen method and it makes it a non-issue! I knot the end, but tying and trimming one knot is a heck of a lot easier than doing the whole weaving and tying thing.

  6. These are great socks! I need to do more socks with coordinating heels and toes in a CC. I’m usually too lazy to dig through the stash to find coordinating accent yarn, though, so I guess I’ll need to buy a set. (Oh darn. More yarn shopping… 😉 )

  7. The socks are great. I really like your new format. I need to update my blog, but I’m so damn lazy.

  8. Your new socks look great! You are on a finishing tear 🙂

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