Sock it to me Monday – December Dandys

These were a fun little pair of socks! I basically used the Fine and Dandy socks more for the toe-up heel flap and gusset pattern, but figured I might as well use the stitch pattern as well. I really like the toe up heel flap and gusset – I should use it more! I edited the pattern a bit to fit to my usual 68 inch sock, and I think it turned out really well! They look a bit big on my blockers, but that’s actually good for me. I’m definitely going to use that template again.

I did this pattern to use up my December club set, and I got 10 g of the CC, which is not enough to make toes as heels for my size. As you can see, I was able to find some coordinating grey from my stash. I was too lazy to cut and reattach the MC to finish the heel with that. I definitely have a good amount of the MC leftover, I was considering doing a bit longer cuff, but the stitch pattern requires you to shift stitches, and that’s a pain with two at a time, so I just did the rolled cuff. I think next month I may do some colorwork with the CC so I can use less of it and more of the MC.

If you look at the blog from the actual site and not WordPress reader, you’ll noticed I changed the theme. I’m still tinkering a bit, there’s some stuff I like and some I don’t, so we’ll see. If you have feedback let me know!


      1. I love the clean lines toe up makes with that heel but after my first pair of socks that way, I kept messing.up.on the pairs afterwards. I may go back to cuff down because it seems I would get through socks faster.

  1. Congratulations on a new pair of beautiful socks! The colours look great (and I have some pairs that look HUGE but fit me just fine).

    I really like the new design, especially the background colour and the writing, it’s a very soothing website and I have the feeling that the photographs “pop” a bit more.

  2. I am determined to make my next pair toe up. I tried it once and the toe was so hard to manage for the first few rows. When I finally manage to get one cast on, it didn’t look nice and tidy. I think there are other cast-ons I can try. Does your sock call for a provisional?
    PS. I really like your site. I think it is lovely!

    1. Thanks!
      I use Judy’s magic cast on for the socks – it definitely very fiddly, especially if it’s two at a time. I love the idea of doing a provisional cast on and then decreasing the toe! I agree that decreases look nicer than the m1 increases

      1. Provisional then decreasing the toe!! That’s brilliant! I thought the provisional was only for the sake of grafting. This would be great for contrasting toes, right? I’m so happy to know this, you have no idea!

    1. Yes that is true! But I am now a disciple of Stephen West’s Weavin’ Stephen method and it makes it a non-issue! I knot the end, but tying and trimming one knot is a heck of a lot easier than doing the whole weaving and tying thing.

  3. These are great socks! I need to do more socks with coordinating heels and toes in a CC. I’m usually too lazy to dig through the stash to find coordinating accent yarn, though, so I guess I’ll need to buy a set. (Oh darn. More yarn shopping… 😉 )

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