Fox Spirit Cardi

Today is release day for my latest test knit, the Fox Spirt Cardi! I really loved knitting this and I’m excited to share it with you.

  • Pattern: Fox Spirit Cardi by Tina Tse. Available for purchase on Tina’s website
  • Yarn: Onyx Fiber Arts Bulky in Orchid and Worsted in Esme
  • Timeline: Cast on 2/1/21; cast off 2/21/21

This cardigan really makes me happy! This is my third garment test knit for Tina (Sun and Solace, Rav Link – Golden Horizon), and I really appreciate what I think is her signature style. Stripes of a different yarn or pattern against easy stockinette – they’re just so fun to make! You want to keep going and going to get to the next section! The other thing I really like about this style is the ability to use a special skein of yarn. While I chose to buy the recommended yarn for the past two tests for the entire sweater, a really good option would be to buy more affordable yarn for the main color and the use a special indie dyed skein for the contrast. I used just over one skein of the CC for this sweater, but did add one extra slip stitch stripe. Certainly at smaller sizes you could use less then a skein. I don’t know if Tina deliberately designs with this in mind, but it’s definitely a benefit to several of her patterns.

This sweater is such a satisfying knit because it’s bulky! I knit this in just about 3 weeks, and that did include a few days of not knitting at all or having a few days of just knitting a few rows. As I said, I did add one extra repeat of the slip stitch pattern at the bottom of the sweater to add a little length. My row gauge was just slightly under the stated gauge, though my stitch gauge was right on. This is pretty common for me. The photos above were taken after a steam block, I’ve since fully wet blocked and it has loosened and lengthened a little bit.

I highly recommend this pattern! Discount codes are available if it is cost prohibitive for you. Tina also has a spot on her website where you can either donate the cost of patterns for knitters who may not be able to afford them or request a donated pattern. Tina is a designer that you should definitely follow and support.


  1. It looks so good on you – congratulations! The colours really bring out your eyes, it’s beautiful. All the better if it makes for a quick knit!

  2. Every time I write a comment it tells me my log in has expired, so I’ve come to the WordPress app and hoping 3rd time lucky. The pattern looks fabulous and the colours you chose suit you really well.

      1. I hadn’t been realising they weren’t sticking and had not noticed the error messages, I think the same on some of Sarah’s posts too my comments are missing. Weird as we are all WP users. It seems to work on the app fine so I’ll just do that.

  3. Kath! You got this done so quickly – amazing! And those colors are gorgeous. That looks like SUCH a cozy and delicious cardigan – enjoy it!

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