What’s Next? – YOP 20/21 – Week 45

Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve definitely fallen off the Year of Projects (Rav link) train, but that’s ok! I have some things I want to write about today so we’ll call this a YoP post 🙂

I have exciting news! I had a very productive knitting day yesterday (I spent most of the day at a church meeting which was really good for knitting) and I am through the stickiest part of the test knit and now have only a simple pattern to go! It’s quite likely that I will finish this week (though the bind off will be… lengthly)! And while it still will be a while before I can show this project off, I figured I’d start to do some daydreaming about what to knit next. I mean, aside from the several other projects on the needles, cause where’s the fun in that?! Plus this is definitely in the spirit of my YoP list. The second item on this list was work through sweater stashes, and somehow that’s what I’m dreaming of right now (even though all these were added after the YoP list was made, oops).

I think practically, the first thing I should start is Princess Fiona (Rav link). My friends are doing the same thing we did last year, knitting sweaters for Rheinbeck in matching yarn, and this year we got this beautiful deep purple. This yarn was great because it actually came in different weights so people could really do what they wanted! Two of my friends are actually almost close to done, so I think I should get started! I’m excited because Princess Fiona was one of the first sweaters I favorited on Ravelery, before I even started knitting sweaters! I think it will be a great mix of ease and fun and look really nice in this color.

But a close second would be a Wavelength sweater. I like the idea of knitting at a looser gauge that I’m doing now, and this uses DK yarn. The Quiet Queer Craftalong is coming up, and last year Brooke of Fully Spun participated, which is what I would use for the CC. If I run out of the main CC I also have a skein of yarn I dyed which would also fit. So maybe I’ll try to finish Princess Fiona by July and work on Wavelength during some of the craft along.

BUT it’s going to be summer here in Connecticut, and who really wants to be knitting full size sweaters?! I bought a kit for Elymus (Rav Link) from Farmer’s Daughter Fibers, and I like the idea of a quicker garment knit with a color scheme that’s a little outside my normal. It would be a great layering piece for fall.

And then I haven’t even touched my Christmas gift yarn! I got this yarn as a kit to make a sweater from a designer who I now feel less good about promoting, so I’m searching for a new pattern. When I was looking up for the link for Wavelength, I just noticed that the Eleven Twelve Sweater by Tina is in fingering weight (for some reason I thought it was DK) and that might look really nice with this! Though I don’t think I’d have enough of the CC so maybe I’d just make the bottom stockinette with the MC.

Sigh, I have too much yarn and I just want to knit ALL THE THINGS. But it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? I hope you all have a good week! I’m hoping to pop back in on Wednesday for an Unraveled Wednesday post as I may have hit a slight reading stride again. Talk soon!


  1. So good to hear from you again although I knew you were busy with the test knit. Personally Princess Fiona is my favorite of the 3 sweater patterns but that’s me. All your yarns look lovely and will make terrific sweaters. Fun, fun, fun. Love Elymus too. Would that be the green and the multicolor? That would look sensational. Can’t wait until you can share the test knit photos.

  2. For some reason my ipad and phone aren’t showing the photos, not sure if that’s just me. Sounds like you have plenty planned to keep you busy once the test knit is finished.

      1. Turned out our wifi was down when I looked so the post was visible but not the photos as it was using data on my phone. I’ve seen them now…lovely. x

  3. I think planning what to k nit next is the most fun…so many options! I love your choices but I really love the Fiona and your yarns are awesome!

  4. Everyone of the patterns you mentioned look like great ones to knit. You certainly have some lovely yarn to work with too. Good luck deciding which one to do first. Oh heck, just cast them all on!

  5. Oooh, these choices all look great! I’m nearly done with my cardigan test knit, so I know the pain of choosing the next sweater project. I’ve already gone through the agonizing, though, and have decided that my next sweater knit will be a “summer” weight one—even if here in sunny California that means “late spring” and “early fall” instead of actually summer. Still, it won’t be another full-size wool-yarn sweater sitting in my lap as I knit during the hot months of the year. 😉

    I’m excited to see whatever sweater you decide to knit; all the yarn combos look great!

  6. WOW. I’m sorry, I’m a bit overwhelmed right now – you picked beautiful patterns and the yarns are gorgeous! I’m really curious what you will choose to knit, but it will be lovely! Seems like you have awesome choices all around. (I really hope that Rhinebeck will be possible for you this year, honestly)

      1. I typically go early then get my hand stamped and come home for lunch. Maybe you all can come over for tea and scones on my deck.

      2. Good to know! We live about 2 hours away so we usually get there early and leave around 2 – well we’ve only gone twice but that’s been the schedule both times haha. Tea and scones sounds wonderful – fingers crossed it happens this year!

  7. I love the planning part of any project! All your yarn looks lovely but that purple is amazing.

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