I Sewed a Thing! – YOP 20/21 – Week 49

Happy Sunday lovely people! Since it’s Sunday, coming at you with a Year of Projects update. The year is nearing the end (YoP runs for most people from July – June) and while I’ve mostly deviated from my list, I actually am maybe finishing strong this month!

So, why do I need to build confidence? Well, my knitting club friends and I have decided we are going to sew the Otis Overalls. We are doing this next Sunday, and yesterday we went to go buy fabric. My little haul is above. I got this lovely mostly black fabric with a little bit of white in it, which I think will look really nice in the overalls. They will be a nice casual work from home/ errand running option. But even though there is great video tutorials/ sew alongs, and a great pattern, it is definitely a very advanced pattern. Thankfully my friend Leah has made these before, so we’ll have her support, but there will be a lot. This week I am going to cut the pieces and maybe make a few of the first little bits. Wish me luck!

On the knitting front, I’m also making some progress late in the game on my YoP goals. The big one this year was getting through some of the older projects, and so after I finished off my Wee Envelope this week, I picked up my Great Western Way shawl. I’m actually pretty close to finishing this off, and I’m hoping to check that off the list in June. I’m making some progress each day on the Princess Fiona sweater, and even though it’s a little curly with all that stockinette, it’s starting to look like a sweater! I also cast on a pair of Pride socks for June, which I’ll show off tomorrow for a Sock it to Me Monday post.

This weekend was really nice, yesterday was just a chill day with knitting and sewing and then today I went to church and sung with other people and it was just a wonderful thing to do again after so long. Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. Love the color of you new top. Agree it could be smaller. Congrats on taking on sewing. I agree the material you picked for your overalls will be very nice. I don’t just hate sewing – I detest it. Probably because I’m so bad at it. I just hate the lack of forgiveness that is required by cutting fabric. Since I do almost everything wrong the first time, sewing is ridiculously expensive and frustrating for me. Your Great Western Shawl is beautiful.

  2. Your top looks great! Your overall fabric is nice – looking forward to seeing your overalls! Sounds like you are making good progress with your projects!

  3. That colours looks so good on you – congratulations!! I’m excited for the overall to come to life, honestly. 🙂 Also – WOOT for your knitting process! It’s so good that you seem to feel a lot better and can do more things!!

  4. Your top looks stunning on you! Congratulations! I need to get back to clothes sewing but it’s been years so I need to start with easy things too. I love your shawl….is that color work? It’s beautiful! You are getting a lot done! Are the overalls the kind that are full length like the farmers wear? They should be really cute in that fabric. HAve a great week!

  5. Sewing always seems a little more intimidating to me than knitting, but I’m not sure why. I learned to sew before I learned to knit, even if it was very simple projects for a long time. Maybe it’s because of cutting the fabric? That’s a point of no return that knitting doesn’t really have (unless you’re doing a steeked sweater).

    Everything is looking great, though! The color on that top is really stunning.

  6. it’s really cute, I like oversized stuff for the summer so my body can breath, we get pretty dang warm and humid here and the less clinging to my body the better, so close fitting isn’t always best for me, I think it looks great on you 🙂

  7. Love your top , really lovely. Making a loop for a button is easy, all you need is a few loops of thread and buttonhole stitch over them. Enjoy your crafting this week. We can’t sing in church yet, still need masks, one day soon…

  8. You can do it. I understand how intimidating it can be to look at a sewing pattern. I feel this is almost the same was when looking at a knitting pattern of a new technique. Youtubing helps with certain sewing terminology/techniques. If you can make that top, you can make the Wiksten Shift.

  9. I love your top, well done on finishing it. I like it big but if it is too big to be comfortable in then probably worth making smaller but I like the loose boxy style of it. And the colour suits you well. Overalls sound a great next project. I’m still working on just small sewing items and haven’t tried clothing yet.

  10. I love your top, and agree with you, it could be a size smaller. But, some days you REALLY just NEED a slouchy top to throw on- but since its an actual shirt (and not a hoodie or t-shirt) you still LOOK put together!! Winning.
    Good luck with your overalls! I bet they will look super cute on you! I love the fabric you picked out for it.

    And I’m convinced you’ve never made an ugly knitting project. All of your stuff is beautiful- you are really good at picking the right yarns.

  11. Your top turned out so well. Bias tape is tricky in my opinion even for a more experienced seamstress. What fun to make some overalls, and to do it with friends together. I love the colours of your western way shawl. It is very elegant and will be lovely to wear to church the next time you go to sing!

  12. Very cute top, but agree it could be a bit smaller. The fabric for your overalls is great. Love the white specks in it. The shawl is so pretty. Love the colors in it.

  13. I like the boxy shape of the top, but if is not comfy, it may be worth altering it. The sewalong sounds like great fun and your knitting progress looks good – I love the shawl.

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