Geogradient Blast Off!

(No spoilers!)

It’s time for my favorite time of year, the WestKnits MKAL cast on day! Knowing that the clue was in my inbox definitely got me out of bed with a little more pep on what was a foggy morning. I always love seeing what Stephen West has planned for us. After looking through the pattern, I think this is going to be a really fun and calming clue to knit. I can’t wait to see how my colors look with the pattern! I am really happy I exchanged the first color, I think this blue fits in a little better and also will nor drive me as crazy to have one single ply yarn in there.

If you’ve been here before, you know I love my tracking. This week there are 14,832 total stitches in the clue, which averages about 2.1K per day, which is definitely doable for me to get done within the week. This year I want to make my tracking template available to all the folks doing the MKAL, so you can find the link below. I tried to post this in the Ravelry group, but they said it was an “advertisement for a personal business” because I asked for an optional donation, and deleted the post. Oh well lol. Please spread the word if you know people doing the MKAL! You do not have to pay me at all and I’m not here to run a business, I just think tracking is fun and I want other people to have fun.

Geogradient Tracking Template

If you’re knitting Geogradient, enjoy! I’ll probably post progress pics here but a week delayed so I’m not giving too much away.


  1. I will enjoy through you. Wow, 2000+ stitches per day does seem a lot if someone is working. I only get 2000 stitches a day now that I’m retired and even that is very aggressive for me.

  2. I find I have very mixed opinions about the end results of the WestKnits MKALs, so I’ll just enjoy watching you knit it! It does sound like a fun adventure, though, and the colors you picked are lovely together.

    1. Totally fair, I really loved 2020s and 2021s, but last years was tougher. I just really like the KAL experience, especially since I’ve had at least one of my IRL knitting friends doing it as well

  3. Which version are you all knitting? I’m doing the original as knitting on double points is not fun.

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