October WIP Wrap-Up

Well it’s been a real hot minute since I’ve done one of these posts, but my WIP pile is starting to grow a little bigger than I’d like so I figured it was time. When I was doing these consistently, it was definitely fun to see the progress on things. Though now I usually work on things consistently enough that items are either over in a month or two, or just in the same state for months on end until I either finish or frog them. But that’s ok, it’s still good to take stock of where I’m at, so here it is!

This month I cast off one project (the Punch Striped socks) and cast on two versions of Geogradient, so I’m up to 7 active projects.

WIP Nov 1: 7 (Grandma ShawlCorstorphineSpeckled Space Socks, Maema, Lyrical Stockinette Socks, Geogradient-ish square, Geogradient Shawl )

The stuff on the left is what I’d call my active projects, and the stuff on the right ins more in hiberation, I didn’t feel like stuffing them all into one photo. I definitely think my first finish will be the Geogradient shawl, I just started Clue 4 of that last night so we’re moving ahead. I’m also spending my out and about knitting time on the Lyrical stockinette socks, on my trip to NYC Saturday I finished the first one and started the second sock. Life does starte to get a little bit more difficult in terms of knitting time in November, as the amount of rehearsals increase getting closer to the show and I also have a bunch of costuming tasks to do. I plan to write a post about the process of costuming, but it’s also a bit overwhelming so we’ll see.

I’m just kind of choosing to ignore the hibernating projects for now. I really should frog the Grandma shawl as it’s almost four years old at this point, but I love the idea so much and there’s so many ends that I think frogging would also be a lot to handle lol.

I did do lots of knitting in October in general though, thanks to a few days of vacation at the first of the month, a couple of (gasp!) free weekends, and two trips to NY where I was the passenger. So I’ve really ramped up my progress which is exciting. I still don’t know that I’ll meet my “goal” but like I said in a previous post, I did a lot more theater than I maybe planned for this year and that really reduced my knitting time. It’s cool to see my chart slowly approach my ideal goal line, even with that large plateau in the middle of the year.

Total stitches knit in October: 96,144

2023 YTD Stats:

Total Stitches438,345
Avg St Per Day1,442
Projected Year End St @ Current Rate526,302
Av St Needed to Meet Goal (547,500)1,790

Happy day after Halloween! I didn’t do anything particularly special yesterday, but I went to a party with some theater friends Friday night. I dressed up as a very niche thing, but I had a good time. So there’s this show called The 25th Annual Putnamn County Spelling Bee, and one of the characters Olive wears pink overalls in the original Broadway production. Ever since I made my pink overalls last year, our music director tells me I look like Olive every time I wear them. So I figured I’d dress like her, but that felt kind of boring since it was basically just the overalls, a peasant shirt, and a little number sign. So I said… what if Olive was an actual 🫒? It’s really silly but it made me laugh as soon as I thought of it so I knew I had to do it. I made a little headband with red felt for the pimento and painted myself green. I think it came out really cute!

I’ll finish off with my 1SE for the month. It was a really great month in my little world. Not in the bigger world, but I’m not good at talking about the current events so I won’t.

Have a great November!


  1. I’ve got several hibernating things right now too. I liked the idea of casting on a bunch of things last January but have come to realize, I’m much more of a monogamous knitter than that. It’s lovely to be able to see actual progress!

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