NYC and a new cast on!

So, remember how in my post about test knitting, I talked about Fiberly, a new-ish site for test knit/crochet. Well, writing that post reminded me that I had been wanting to create an account and check it out, so I did that last week. They seem to have a good range of projects to test, and a lot of the sweaters are size inclusive which is pretty good. When I was looking, I came across a test for a cropped short sleeve top, so guess what I’ve now cast on?

I decided to do a 3 color faded top, and I am LOVING how my swatch turned out. I also swatched in the round and then steeked, which was pretty exciting and a good proof of concept for the steeked sweater I want to make eventually.

The top is knit bottom up and has short rows right above the hem, and between the two train rides to and from NYC, I finished both the front and back short rows! Now it’s just long stretches of stockinette, the crop is very roomy so it’s over 300 st for 8 inches – should be great mindless knitting for the rest of the month.

My sister and I went to NYC primarily to see La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera. She has a Bachelors and Masters in Voice Performance, and I’m just a giant theater nerd, so it’s a great activity for the two of us. The Met does beautiful productions, and we got to see one of the best singers in the world, Roberto Alagna, as Rodolfo.

Being from CT, it’s easy to get there for the weekend or even for the day. We went up yesterday (Friday) morning and made our way to the hotel. After many attempts at finding lunch (everything was either closed or had a B sanitary rating, it was quite the comedy of errors), we headed to the Museam of Natural History. We had a great time there, we especially loved the beautiful fabrics and clothing in the Pacific Peoples area.

I don’t have any other plans today, and tomorrow all I’m doing tomorrow is church and cooking dinner for my roommate, so my plan is to finally finish my Telegramme! I’m so close to finishing the second sleeve! Wish me luck!


  1. Okay, to be honest, I never heard about Fiberly (and … somehow … didn’t check when you wrote about it in your last blog entry), but it certainly sounds interesting, especially since they seem to have more sweaters and tops to testknit! I don’t have the time now to do anything large, but maybe at a later point, somehow far away in the future … 😉
    The colours are beautiful! Hedgehog fibres are beautiful.

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