Thanks to a productive weekend (well from the standpoint of knitting, I didn’t really do anything), I have finished the knitting on my Telegramme sweater! I’ll be blocking it tonight, putting on the buttons this week, and hopefully taking some nice photos this weekend. I’m excited to explore how and where I take nice photos in my new place! There’s not too many places that have the combo of great natural light + backgrounds I actually want to share (no one wants to see my kitchen haha), so there will be some trial and error. I live pretty close to a public golf course, so that might be a good option but kind of hard to do on my own.

I’ve made a bit of progress on my crop top, not too much yet but I plan to work on it while watching the Australian Open this week! It’s basically 100% stockinette with a few texture stitches at the sides at this point. Should be perfect tennis knitting. My roommate got me into tennis when we went to the US Open for the first time two years ago, so we watched it together for a bit last night which was really fun. The Australian Open can be frustrating because it’s at awkward times for us here in the Eastern US time zone, especially as we get later in the tournament and more matches are happening in the middle of the night my time! But my roommate and I got ESPN+ as part of a package deal with Disney+ recently so we can watch stuff on demand if we want to which is really nice!

I totally forgot to include one very important part of my NYC trip! It included a trip to Knitty City, which is a great yarn store which I’ve now been to 3 times. I normally wouldn’t drag my sister to a yarn store, but it was right off the same subway exit our hotel was closest to, so too good to pass up on our way to lunch! I had just been there in December (bought this skein of Hu Made DK which will be a hat someday), so I didn’t really want anything else from the store. I’m also trying to knit down my stash a bit, or at least buy yarn for specific projects, and without having anything planned, I didn’t want to just pick up random yarn. They had a sample for Untangled by Andrea Mowry which really tempted me, but that would have been too much yarn to cart around for the rest of the day and then home, so it was not to be. I ended up getting a t-shirt which I fell in love with as soon as I entered the store! Yay for slightly more responsible LYS shopping!


  1. I hear you on knitting down your stash, I am doing the same thing … orrather, I HAVE been doing the same thing for the last few years (and then went and bought another kilo’s worth of yarn. Ahem).

    The sweater looks great! Good luck with the photo shoot, I’m sure you will find a good solution for this. (I have to say though that I … kinda don’t like tennis. My grandparents love to watch it, but I always found it ver boring. 😉 )

    1. Haha yeah… I don’t think I’ve really reduced my stash as I’ve gotten into sweater knitting and keep buying sweater quantities lol

      Yeah I definitely found it boring at first, but getting to see it in person made it really exciting! It’s also not the kind of sport where you can watch every single moment like basketball, which only means it’s perfect for l knitting!

  2. I struggle with the timing of the tennis watching too–I always see the spoilers in the news from the overnight matches and then don’t need to watch the matches.

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