Today was a good day

Still trying to figure out what I want this blog to “be” – Only knitting finished objects? Updates and cast ons also? Random things about my life having nothing to do with knitting? So bear with me as posting frequency and stuff changes 🙂

Just wanted to pop in to remember this day, in which nothing truly spectacular happened, but it was still a very good day.

First of all, I just feel pretty good about myself. My hair is kinda curly/wavy which I’m liking at this length, I put on eyeshadow and mascara and don’t feel like it looks totally awful. I’m wearing my grandmother’s necklace and a cardigan which I always get compliments on. I don’t often feel this way so it’s always a nice start to the day

Forgive the Snapchat photo, I didn’t get another one

My day started listening to a super intense tennis match while checking email, and then I had coffee with my amazing friend Kassy! She really gets me and I’m so glad we now work at the same company so we can have these breaks. If you’re a book lover, check out her blog –

Work was pretty busy but also really good – felt like I was really engaged and successful with what I was doing.

After work, I drove up to Northampton. My friend was in an opera, so I had to go see him! Thankfully there wasn’t too much traffics so I was able to stop at Webs. I picked up some yarn for a specific project which I’m SO excited to start! I’ll share more about that soon.

And then I went to an awesome brewery and had a flight and eggplant Parmesan sandwich while I waited for the show. I worked on my crop test and read my book! And then the show (Barber of Seville) was great! Slightly odd costume/production choices but I’m always super critical when I see theater haha. My friend was awesome in his roles!

So yeah, nothing like spectacular or outstanding but just a super good day where I felt good about myself and did fun things that I wanted to do.

Tomorrow we have our “music night” where we go to someone’s house and do live karaoke. Bound to be a blast. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. It sounds great – and your hair, blouse and necklace really go great together!! Days like that are beautiful, and if you feel like recording, please do so! It’s your blog and your rules, after all. 🙂 (I haven’t watched or listened to the Barber of Sevilla yet, but I want to at some point, when I have the patience for opera or operettes again 🙂 )

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