It’s a Mystery!

No Telegramme FO post yet – I’ve actually worn it once, but I haven’t had a chance to put on the buttons or take pics, so it will be a while.

I actually have a bunch of WIP right now, which is a bit unusual. But I’m having a lot of fun working on all of them! The main reason is that I’m working on two MKALS (mystery knit alongs). For these two projects, a clue is released each week, and I have no idea what the project will look like until I get the next clue. First off is Sinuosity MKAL hosted by theFingerless Gloves Fanatics group. Next is the Valentine’s Day Shawl MKAL hosted by the Fleckstien & Friends group. If by any chance you’re participating in either of these, stop reading now because there will be spoilers! I haven’t done an MKAL in a while, and I haven’t finished one vaguely on time since like 2017, but I’m on top of these so far! I was in the mood for something random and fun.

But I’m also working on a project I decided on myself! About a week ago, I started the Druid Circle Sweater by Shanel Wu. It’s a project I’ve wanted to make basically since it was released, and especially since last year when I test knit the hat pattern they designed as a companion piece to the sweater. I had bought the yarn early this year, some sport weight Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks, and I’ve loving the color combo I chose! Kind of hoping I switched the two contrast colors, but it’s looking beautiful. I’m finished with the colorwork on the yoke, so now it’s just smooth sailing all through the body. I’ll probably add some A-Line shaping too.

Now on to the MKALS! The one that was released first and is now on to clue 3 (with the 4th and final clue coming Saturday), is Sinuosity. I really am loving how this pattern is turning out. I decided to use the leftover La Bien Aimee yarn I used for my Telegramme, and the color is beautiful. It’s a little hard to capture in photos, it’s a little more teal than the green it shows below. It looks so nice with this pattern and really lets it shine. I love the beading, just enough to be exciting but not so overwhelming. This is my progress through Clue 3!

Finally, the Valentine’s Day KAL. I bought some Snerb Yarn ( a new to me dyer) for this, and I’m really digging the color. I love how the tonality goes all the way to almost black, which is going to make it a very versatile piece to wear! Clue 2 comes out tonight, and I just finished Clue 1 a few minutes ago. I’m not as excited about this pattern, but it’s been a while since I’ve knitted a shawl so I’m enjoying that process again.

The only downside to the MKALs right now is their travel-bility (making up words over here). I’m traveling to Spokane, WA next week, leaving early Monday morning and coming back late Friday (well technically I’ll get back to CT early Saturday morning). So that’s 12+ hours of travel time plus four nights in a hotel. As usual, I’m struggling with what to pack. I suppose I could pack the shawl MKAL, if I don’t work on it at all until I leave clue 2 can take me through most of Monday’s travel, and then clue 3 would be released before my travel on Friday. I’d love to bring my sweater, but I don’t really want to lug that across the country, and honestly I can do something more engaging than the miles of stockinette that I’m at right now. I’m also hoping to visit at least 1 yarn store when I’m out there, it looks like there’s two in the city.


  1. Oh these two look great – I love the Druid Circle (did you cut the sand coloured yarn during the blue stripe?) – and the mittens look very elegant already! How do you put the beads on – with a crochet hook or do you have an actual beading tool?

    I have to admit that so far, I haven’t been brave enough to do MKALs – I just need to see how the finished project likes to judge whether I want to knit it. 😉 Then again, I’ve never been a “surprise” person, so that’s probably it.

    I wish you safe travels – and maybe you could cast on a small mindless project, like socks? Something without any clues to come out and to knit on constantly?

    1. Thank you! For the Druid circle, I didn’t cut the yarn, I just twisted the grey yarn up as I was going along. It will be a little tighter when it blocks out, but since it’s the back of the sweater it won’t bother me too much. For the beads, I have a fleegle beader tool but I’ve used a crochet hook too. I like the beading tool because I could put all the beads I needed on the tool before starting the clue.

      Yeah I know MKALS aren’t for everyone! I personally figure that I don’t really care what the pattern of certain things (shawls, mitts, shawls) really are, it’s more about the colors for me that determines if I wear something.
      Yeah I was thinking about a pair of socks – but I already have a few on the needles and I’m running out of project bags🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. !! Ah, okay, if you go mainly by colours, that makes total sense – and yes, it definitely gives you a lot of control over whether you will like the FO or not!
        You couldn’t fit two pairs of socks into the project bag, right? Otherwise, I’d say, take one or two pairs that are WIPs and then take those … But that doesn’t give you as much variety of course. You’ll figure it out! 🙂

  2. Your projects look lovely! And La Bien Aimee!! Be still my heart! I’m glad your enjoying your MKALs! I’ve done a few (but it’s been years) and they are so much fun. It is SO exciting when the yarn requirements are released and it’s time to go stash diving! Enjoy – and enjoy your trip!

  3. All your projects are looking beautiful so far! I am having the same dilemma about travel knitting. I am traveling for work next week and then again the week after, and having a struggle figuring out what to take.

  4. Your WIPs are all gorgeous! I get what you mean about travel-ability. I’m heading out tomorrow and am casting on two new projects that are better suited, since like you, I don’t want to lug my sweater. For me, it’ll be new socks and a new cowl. Happy travels and definitely find yourself some souvenir yarn!

  5. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a mystery knit along! I MUST get connected with whoever puts those on. Brilliant!
    I love the sinuosity kal too! The colors!!!! *swoon*

      1. Oh my gosh…I don’t know whether to love you or be mad at you…because I KNOW you just started a new obsession in me. ahahah (I chose love!) And thank you!

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