Sing a song, a travel song

The title of this post is a reference to a song from Shrek the Musical, which (fun fact!) was the first show I ever saw on Broadway.

I figured out what I’m bringing with my on my trip across the country! I wanted some things that were interesting enough that could keep me engaged on the plane, but not so intense that I could still work on them after long days at work. I settled on bringing two projects so I don’t get too bored with either one 🙂

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I went to Webs and picked up some yarn for a special project? Well it was some Mrs. Crosby Satchel for a Grandma shawl. I cast on the next day, and then promptly stopped working on it so I could focus on my test and the MKALS. I’m doing the background in a dark grey and the flowers in a light pink. I figure this a good project because it’s very repetitive but also engaging with the colorwork, I’m also not very far along so I’m not concerned about finishing it.

I also cast on tonight for a pair of socks using some Uneek Self Striping. My plan for these is to add the cable pattern from the Telegramme cardigan (I’ll show this off one day, I promise) over half the foot. I have the cable pattern memorized, and it’s a good way to not just have stockinette forever, but I don’t need to look at a pattern.

So that’s that! I leave early tomorrow morning (Monday) and get back late Friday (well technically early Saturday morning). Let’s see how far I get on these!


  1. Looks good, both of it! I haven’t tried Entrelac yet, and knitting this with colourwork certainly sounds enticing! Travel safely, and have fun!! 🙂

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