Spectacular Spokane!

I got back Friday (well technically very early Saturday) from my work trip to Spokane. I don’t get to travel for work very often (the last time was about two years ago), so this was a special treat. I was going to meet and greet some teams we have out there and present some vision ideas for the future. It was a great trip from a work perspective, and I also had a lot of fun outside of work. I figure if you’re going to be in a place you might not go to otherwise, you might as well live it up!

On Monday night, I was too tired to do anything, but on Tuesday night I figured I’d do a mini yarn crawl! There were two yarn stores pretty close to each other and not too far from my hotel. The first was Paradise Fibers, which was a pretty big place! At least in square feet, there was a lot there but it also didn’t feel overcrowded. I was able to find a small little section of yarn I guess they dyed there, so I picked up a GORGEOUS skein of worsted weight. Here’s some photos from the shop and the yarn I bought.

I then walked over to The Hook and Needle Nook. I don’t have any photos from that, because when I walked in they were having a knit night and invited me to sit and chat! I had a great time hanging out in the shop. It was a much smaller place than Paradise Fibers, but it had a ton of indie-dyed stuff, and I picked out a gorgeous skein from a local dyer.

I had a great time the rest of the week in the city too! I don’t know it’s a place I would go specifically from here in the east coast, but if I lived out west, I could see it being a nice weekend trip. It’s kind of the city I wish Hartford was, with lots of restaurants, breweries, and shops. Here’s some photos from my time out there.

And finally, the knitting! I got a bunch done on both the socks and the shawl, although the socks definitely have more visible progress! Hope to finish the socks pretty soon, though I’ll be focusing on my MKAL shawl.


  1. Looks like a great trip! Nice yarn stores, good restaurants, and souvenir skeins – what could be better! And you made great progress on your socks and shawl too 🙂

  2. Woot! Sounds wonderful, especially the food and the knitting! It’s so cool that they invited you to stay with them and chat. I love the socks – is this the Chain Drive pattern, by any chance? KUDOS for the shawl … Like I said, I’ve never knit entrelac, but as far as I know it is quite time consuming, so wow! (btw – I your sock project bag.)

    1. If only my work trips had been like that. How wonderful to be made welcome at the knit group. Shows what a lovely bunch of people knitters are.

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