Little Knitting, Lotta Life

Hey there all, just wanted to pop in and share some snippets of my life the past few days. So far the pandemic hasn’t disrupted me too much, as I said in my last post I had worked from home before, so the transition wasn’t too odd. I don’t do a whole lot outside of work this time of year, so not much really got cancelled. I’m sure this weekend will feel odd. I’m really really lucky and trying to remember and support those people whose lives are much more disturbed by this.

I actually don’t have too much knitting progress, even though I’m home I only have like an extra hour or two of free time a day, so progress has been slow. I’m dividing my time between my Druid circle sweater (long stretches of stockinette are perfect for phone calls where I’m just a listener) and my Noah’s Landing top.

I’m really happy with my little set up for my home “office.” It’s in my bedroom, which they say is not ideal, but works well to keep my roommate and I a bit separated so we can both be on phone calls. In this picture, please note (from left to right-ish):

  • The command strip which keeps my headset cord from flopping around, it’s a small thing that makes a big difference so I don’t have to think about the cord every 5 seconds on phone calls
  • The use of a big monitor, which is aboultely essential for me so I don’t have to peer at that dinky little screen. I can also do the dual monitor thing if I need to be looking at two screens at once.
  • Small hot plat for my mug so I can have warm tea all morning!
  • Big bag of sweater at hand for emergency knitting
  • Home computer at the side to play operas as background noise and occasional visual distractions

Anyway, it’s not perfect but it works for now. My work is still not officially closed, we were given the option to work from home for this week and next. It annoys me since there is no reason for most of us to be there, so we’ll see how long I end up working here. Hopefully longer than next week, I don’t think I’ll be comfortable going to work and potentially being a carrier. Also, check out the snow outside! That was unexpected yesterday, but today it was warm enough to have the windows open for a bit. That’s New England for you I guess.

An unintentional silver lining of all this is that I decided I didn’t want to be staring at blank walls, so I did some decorating this weekend. Still more I want to do, but it’s definitely a start!

I got some yarn and a project bag from Republica Unicornia during the sale Kathleen was having this weekend. Aren’t they gorgeous?! They came this afternoon and made me really happy. And yesterday I got a test call from one of my favorite designers, Tina Tse. It’s for a secret shawl so I’m going to use them with a skein from stash and it’s going to be so gorgeous I can’t wait!

Hope you’re all doing ok during these crazy times – I don’t necessarily want to talk a lot about COVID-19 stuff on here, everyone’s in the same boat and yea it’s scary and confusing times. But at the same time it’s life and it’s happening so we’ll just have to see. Stay safe out there friends.


  1. I am so glad that your day isn’t as much disrupted, seriously – it’s the same here, I don’t get out much anyway, so nothing much has changed. Glad to hear that you can work from home!! (I love the smiley poster on your door, by the way)

    The yarn looks absolutely beautiful – it’s a great combo! It reminds me a bit of stained glass. Have fun knitting!!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad this are sort of normal for you as well.
      The smiley poster is from a play I did in college, my friend directed it so we were able to steal the prop from the theater and he gave it to me a few years ago.

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of your set up! It looks so cozy! We had snow on Tuesday morning, too. It’s not unusual to get snow in March, but this has been such a mild winter that it was surprising!

    I hope you find some extra knitting time in the next few days 🙂

  3. You’ve got a nice setup! I am currently working from home on a laptop. DH and I were just talking about going out this weekend and looking for an extra screen – we could both use one sometimes with our personal laptops, and it is very helpful for me to do my work stuff.

  4. I never considered a cup warmer before! What a fabulous idea. I just ordered one for myself and my co-worker. (we are still coming to actual work site – 24 hour facility and all)

  5. That really is lovely yarn! I have my new home office set up without a cup warmer to make me leave my desk to reheat my tea. So far it seems to be working, but we’ll see if it works long-term.

  6. Hm it must be my laptop, but I can’t see the photos of your setup! They’re all super zoomed in and I can only see a wee corner. I’m sure it’s awesome though!

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