Dreaming of Yarnier Times

First up, the knitting! I got a ton of progress done yesterday on my Noah’s Landing top and my secret shawl test knit. The body of Noah’s Landing is finished, and the top is pretty small, so I hope to finish that off this week – just now need to get up the energy to pick up 230 stitches along the top of the body. It’s one of the few tasks that I don’t really enjoy doing, especially because I have to pick up “about 3 of every 4 stitches.” Oh well. I’ll take a break the rest of the day and work on the shawl test knit. I seriously can’t wait to show this one off. Tina is a great designer, and just released a pattern that will be free for a while, check it out!

Since we’re all stuck at home for a while, I thought I would share my plans for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival (Rheinbeck) which will hopefully go on in October! My friends and I have gone the past two years for the day – it’s about a 2 hour drive. When we were there this year, we saw a group of friends who all knit sweaters with the same yarn. We thought it was a great idea, because not every sweater looks good on everyone, and this way we can match but also have a sweater we’ll love and wear again and again. My friends went to Webs for their Super Bowl party, and they bought yarn for all of us. We decided on this beauty – Valley Yarns Northampton in the Ocean Heather colorway.

This picture looks a little blown out but is actually the most accurate color I could get

So excited to make another sweater out of this yarn! I made my Caspian with it and it’s an absolute joy to knit with. Now… what to make? I’m pretty sure I want to make a cardigan because Rheinbeck has been pretty warm the past two years and if it is again I can open it up. I have way too many options, but nothing that’s truly calling my name. The Gin and Juice by Thea Coleman is currently the frontrunner, and is probably what I’ll end up making. I definitely want something complicated and cable-y, since I have so much time to make it. If you have any patterns that fit the bill, let me know! Anyone else planning on attending Rheinbeck? Do you make a special sweater? This will be the first year I’m doing that, the past two years I wore whatever I had finished most recently!

To finish off, here’s a photo from the 3 mile walk I took yesterday- great to get around and experience my neighborhood a little bit (of course without talking to anyone)


  1. Oh I love that colour, I’m sure it looks great on you! I like the Gin cardigan, another thing might be Heather Lodinsky’ Central Park Hoodie? If you like Hoodies, that is …
    Another option might be Megh Testerman’s Silvia, but that only has cables on the yoke, the rest seem to be pretty straightforward.

    I so wish I could attend Rhinebeck, seriously! It must be wonderful.
    The top looks amazing, by the way, I really like the little waves!

    Please stay safe, I’m sending you good vibes so the stitch pick-up will go smoothly and you’ll get it right the first time (that’s my favourite part, messing up and then having to go back …)

    1. oooh the central park looks nice, written for Aran weight but I could probably do some math given the amount of time I have.
      Rheinbeck is really nice, a little overwhelming, but a great day to spend with friends! I’ve actually only gotten a small handful of things each time I’ve gone – I’ve impressed myself with my own willpower 😀

      1. you’re right, it’s aran – for some reason I still think aran and worsted are interchangeable and it doesn’t make much of a difference. But I have loved that pattern from the first day and plan on making it!! 🙂
        Rhineback sounds super awesome and I truly hope you all can go (and by the way, I really love the idea about using the same yarn instead of the same pattern)

  2. Thanks for sharing your view on your walk! Gin and Juice does look great, and will be beautiful in that yarn 🙂 Have never been to Rhinebeck – would like to get there some day.

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