Not About Knitting

My heart breaks, over and over again.

For the people like George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, and Breonna Taylor whose lives were cut short by murders just for the color of their skin. For the potential they had, for the people who loved them.

For men like Chris Cooper who could not birdwatch in the park for fear of his life. For all people who don’t feel safe in what should be a safe place. For parents who have to have a conversation with their children about how to be Black in this county.

For the millions of Black people in this country who have to live this trauma over and over again, because it’s so ingrained in our society that murder and injustice are still so commonplace. Who have to keep watching videos of people who look like them being killed. For those that live in constant fear of just existing in their skin.

Please donate to places like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union. Please read books like Me and White Supremacy and While Fragility. Do your own research and don’t bother your Black friends, family, or social media connections to do the work for you. Sit in your own discomfort and work for change. Contact your representatives. Vote.

From the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery AL

“But let justice roll down like waters,
and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” Amos 5:24


  1. Well said Kathryn, It is important that we educate ourselves to the experiences of those who suffer because of others’ racist and cruel beliefs. Your final words are so important –

    “Sit in your own discomfort and work for change. Contact your representatives. Vote”

    I am truly appalled and traumatised and will do just as you suggest.


  2. I feel this – I am watching the news and cannot believe it. We have similar problems here, and every single one of us has to work towards change, so that everybody can feel safe going on with their lifes. Especially white people like us.

  3. Thanks for writing this, Kath. It seems like every couple of years I find myself saying, “this is the tipping point.” And it’s not. I’m anxious to see where we go from here.

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