Flurry of FOs

Before we move into the knitting content, please go read this reflection from a leader in my denomination. It’s a hard read but a very important one.

Ok, I have a lot of finished objects! I accomplished my goal of finishing my two WIPs before June 1 AND added finishing off one of my long term UFOs. It was a productive weekend for getting things off the needles, just in time to cast on the Through the Loops MKAL and pride KAL socks.

I like this top, though it’s not my favorite. The fit at the top is not the best, though part of that was because I intentionally didn’t follow the directions at the armholes and picked up less stitches because I thought it would be too big, but now it makes the armholes pucker a bit. I added one repeat of the body pattern to make it a bit longer and not so cropped but I think it would have been ok at the original length. I might make it a size down or maybe use one needle size down, though I think if I did it would be too tight around the middle. It does fit a need in my wardrobe for some summer hand knits. I wore it today at work and it was super comfortable.

Ok, don’t look too closely at these. I picked them back up midway down the cuff, and I made the cuff of the second sock too long. Then when I was finishing the toe, I finished too early. So each sock has the same # of pattern repeats, but they’re distributed differently… sigh. I thought I was so clever when I started these socks. They are supposed to look like train tracks and the world whizzing by through a train window. I started these on my trip across Canada last year. Honestly, now they just make me kinda sad now because who knows when cross country train trips will happen again.

Ah, these socks. Another “design” project where I thought I was being clever. The background, achieved by Ktbl on the non-cabled stiches when doing the cables alternated with knitted rest rows, is too busy so you can’t see the cable patterns. Also, it takes away like ALL THE STRETCH so these don’t fit me very well. And gauge is a cruel mistress so these socks look very different. Ah well, I got them done so there’s one less WIP. Maybe I’ll send them to my sister.

So, there you go. Three finished objects that I’m overall kinda meh about. Do you ever have projects like that?


  1. Thank you so much for the link. It was difficult to read, but definitely worthwhile. I’m so thankful for essays like these and the bravery it takes to write them.

    And your Noah’s Landing top is so super cute!! Good work getting some projects done!

  2. All your projects look great even if they didn’t turn out like you expected. I think we all get projects like that. At least every project off of the needles is an excuse to start something new!

  3. Your top is lovely and I really like your socks too.

    Thank you for the link at the beginning of your post. It is actually a really good summary of a documentary film that I watched over the course of a week in a Social Studies class I was a Teacher Aide in last year. The teacher is an African American who moved to NZ and I had some really interesting discussions with him. He and his NZ European wife are both teachers at our local high school. The film contained a lot of footage from the events mentioned in the reflection accompanied by interviews with a number of people, black and white, male and female, who were directly involved in them.

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