FYI, Through the Loops MKAL spoilers ahead. If you’re following along and want it to be a surprise, feel free to skip this post!

Today I want to talk a bit about progress. If you’re like me and get discouraged easily – check out this post. So much work is still to be done but I think it’s important to recognize the hard work of so many already leading to change. On a much more personal note, my boss made a point to address what’s going on in our country at a department meeting today. This definitely feels different than in the past, it’s good to see that we’re starting to recognize that racism is something that needs to be addressed in every facet of our society.

And there’s obviously progress on the knitting front too! I’ve gotten through the heels on my pride socks – hoping to have these done by the end of the weekend. I tried a few different things on this sock which I’ll talk about in my finished object post, I’m excited to see how they turn out.

And I’m all caught up with the TTL MKAL. I’ve been staying on top of this, I’ve finished each clue Tuesday after it’s been released first thing Monday. I’m REALLY loving the design of this one. What I remember from the 2017 one was the good mix of relaxing and engaging sections, and a design that was slightly different each clue. This design has got all that. It’s been so much fun to knit! Here’s a pic of most of clue 2 that’s still in daylight, but I did finish it tonight.

Hope everyone is doing what they need to do to stay strong, safe, and healthy.


  1. I love both projects, the socks will REALLY brighten up your day!! The shawl is beautiful, too!! I love the colours you chose for it. Take care of yourself, we will all pull through this.

  2. Your Pride socks are CRAZY! I love them 🙂 And your TTL MKAL is looking great – I totally agree that this has been such a fun pattern!

    Thanks for the IG link on progress. I watched/listened to most of his Homegoing for his family in Houston yesterday and it was so powerful. We all owe so much to his family.

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