This is 30

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a good start to your week. I’m on vacation from work all this week (YAY) so I have no idea what day it is already lol. But this week has started off really well. Saturday was my 30th birthday, and while I had been hoping to have an awesome party at one of my favorite local breweries, it just couldn’t happen like that. Places are starting to open up again, but definitely not for indoor events and large gatherings. Which I’m 100% in support of, it just meant we had to be a bit creative.

My friends have a nice big backyard, so they had my roommate and I over on Saturday. They decorated and had A TON of food. And my roommate invited my parents who brought beer from the brewery where we were supposed to have the party. It was a really special afternoon and I felt very loved.

Yesterday, my friends from theater and I met up at a local park for a picnic. It was so great to see them! We attempted to get a photo, though only one of my friends is in focus haha! Overall it was a great weekend of celebrations, and it didn’t suffer too much from social distancing restrictions. I believe in making the best of everything, and thanks to my amazing friends, I definitely did.

On top of it all, I finished my first pair of Pride KAL socks on Saturday too!

I really like these socks, even if they are a bit fraternal! The color is so bright and makes me really happy. I really like the cable pattern I used and would definitely use it again for socks. I was interested in trying the integrated heel again, since I used it once before but gave the socks to my sister. I definitely like the seamless construction, but the fit is not my favorite. Maybe if I increased more stitches? Have you used this heel and if so do you like it?

I also tried doing a slip stitch pattern on the bottom of the foot. I definitely like how cozy and squishy this makes the socks feel, it’s a technique I’ll probably use again.

I’m currently working on a secret project for a friend – I am making them fingerless mitts, and I actually have one done. I’m hoping to finish the mitts tomorrow so I can give them to my friend when I see them Wednesday. I don’t think they read the blog but if they do, I don’t want to give away the surprise of the yarn! They already know I’m making the mitts!

I’m hoping to make a second pair of Pride socks, probably using a 50g skein of Knitpicks Felici and some scraps of grey yarn. I’ve been eyeing this pattern ever since seeing it on Grace’s blog. I’ve got the TTL MKAL happening too, clue 3 came out this morning, but it will be taking a backseat while I finish these mitts!

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  1. Gracie says:

    Your socks look great! I’m excited that you’re thinking about trying the Stitch Surfer pattern next. It has been a really fun knit!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah it looks really awesome!!

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  2. Happy Birthday! Your socks are fantastic:)

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  3. Happy Birthday! Your socks look great.

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  4. Beautiful socks! Glad you a had a wonderful birthday.

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  5. Belated birthday wishes. What a lovely day you had. The socks look great and I like the slip stitch pattern you did. I use the heel from Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern on all my socks as it fits perfectly and so I just keep thinking why try something that might not fit. Good job I don’t have that attitude to garments as well! At least you’ve tried the new heel and have learned something so it hasn’t been a waste and hopefully they are still comfortable to wear.


    1. haha yes! I have tried many variations of heel, though I do like the heel flap and gusset probably best from a fit perspective, but I don’t necessarily like how it looks (especially with striped socks) so I’m always playing around with different options.

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  6. Happy birthday! Glad you were able to celebrate with your parents and friends 🙂 Your socks look great!

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  7. Julia says:

    Happy belated birthday!! 30 is an amazing age, you going to love this decade of yours!! I wish you health and happiness, success in everything you seem important, lots of laughter and good moments, spot-on gauge always, and an all around great time.
    P.S. The socks rock, and so do you! 🙂


  8. nanacathy2 says:

    Happy 30th birthday, wonderful friends make all the difference.

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  9. Happy birthday! The socks look great, and it looks like you had a fun weekend to boot!

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  10. Katie says:

    Happy Birthday! It looks like you got a lot of celebrating in 🙂 Your socks are awesome!

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  11. momdussa says:

    I love these socks!!!

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  12. bonnyknits says:

    Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great celebration for it. Your socks are fantastic, and I love that pattern!

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  13. what a grand old age 😜 Belated Happy Birthday!

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