A Cautionary Tale

Have you heard about Blackout Best Seller List? The idea is to purchase two books by Black Authors this week (ends June 20th). I’ve also seen that if possible, you should purchase from or to support Black-owned Bookstores. I bought So You Want to Talk About Race (which I’ve heard is a really great resource) and Things that Make White People Uncomfortable (I’ve been a fan of Michael Bennett from his time in the NFL with the Seahawks) through Bookshop to support a bookstore in New Haven, CT. I’m looking forward to reading both.

I’m on vacation this week, and I’ve done a good amount of knitting. I went up to Boston yesterday, and was seeing a friend so most of my time on Monday and Tuesday was spent working on a gift for them. I also finished Clue 3 of the Through the Loops Knitalong (spoilers below if you’d like to skip).

Finished Mitts
  • Pattern: Galewood by Honor Adams from PomPom Quarterly, Issue 27
  • Yarn: Merry & Mae Calliope Sock in the Non-Binary Pride colorway 
  • Timeline: cast on 6/14/20; cast of 6/16/20
  • More details and photos on my Ravelry project page

So, I bought this yarn in mind to make something for my friend, who identifies as non-binary. I really wanted something that they would enjoy and appreciate. I was having a hard time finiding a pattern that I thought would look good with this yarn and that I would enjoy knitting right now. I don’t really enjoy simple stockinette things, except for socks to knit while out and about and in sweaters. As neither applied to this project, I searched around trying to find a good pattern. I wasn’t really seeing anything that quite fit the bill, until I looked in my Ravelry libarary and saw this pattern. I’ve admired PomPom mag, especially recently with how they have been responding to racism in the knitting community. While I have several of their issues, this is the first pattern I’ve knit from the magazine.

And I was…. not impressed. There were several things wrong with the pattern as printed, most striking was that there were no instructions for completing the thumb! It had instructions to move the stitches on to holders but then no instructions on what to do with them. There were also some issues in stitch positions. I’ve written more on my project page. I do really like the look of these, though I think they run a little small, and multiple sizes were not given. I might knit them again in like a sport weight with only a needle size up for a slightly larger sized mitt. I also find the center detail to stretch a lot and not look great when on. Oh well, live and learn I guess. There are several notes in Ravelry that make note of these issues so I should have looked there before diving in! And apparently there is errata on the PomPom site but I’m literally just noticing that now. So, that’s my cautionary tale – Ravelry is awesome and you should always check it before making a pattern!

I do really like how this yarn knit up in this pattern! I was worried about pooling but at this gauge and # of stitches and with the shaping it looks really good. I have similar yarn in the Bisexual Pride colorway and I’ll have to keep mitts (though not this pattern) in mind for that.

Clue 3 of Through the Loops MKAL!

The other main knitting this week so far has been the Through the Loops knitalong. I continue to love this pattern, though this week’s clue did feel like a bit more of a slog to work through. I am really loving how each new chart is slightly different, surprising, and transitions seamlessly into the next one. We’re now halfway through the clues, and I haven’t used half the yarn, which is slightly worrying me about the final size of this. But I can always add more rows once we’re through with the main knitting if it’s not large enough. I did go up a needle size from what was recommended as I’m usually a tight knitter, but didn’t swatch.

I’ve had a really lovely week off so far. I’ve gone on walks, done lots of knitting, and yesterday I had a nice drive up to Boston, where I had lunch outdoors with my sister and chatted with my other friend. My friend did really like the mitts, though I need to fix one of the thumbs (bound off too tightly) and I think I’m going to make a matching cowl or hat since I have more than 60 g left.


    1. Yes I really like the idea of it! It looks so cool flat but stretches annoyingly when worn. I think with some trial and error I could make it work, I think it would be a really cool way to highlight some variegated yarns.

  1. I love the mittens – WOW! The big stitches look amazing! I’m so sorry that the pattern gave you so much grief (I thought pompom would have tested thoroughly? It propably slipped).

    The shawl also looks amazing – I love how the colours you chose are coming together, it looks great.

    Let us know what you think about the books once they have arrived! 🙂

  2. Those mitts are awesome – but how disappointing that the pattern required so much extra work for you!

    Your MKAL is so lovely! I haven’t touched the second half of my yarn, either. I went DOWN a needle size because I typically like shawls on fingering weight with size 4 needles, ha. Oh well, shawls are forgiving!

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