Sock it to Me Monday

Hi friends! Not sure this sock it to me will be a regular feature here on the blog but I do have some things I want to say about socks so I figured I’d join in the fun 🙂 Especially since I meant to write this yesterday but then things got away from me!

While I really like the idea of making another pair of pride socks, I felt like I should focus on one of the two longstanding UFO pairs. So I spent a good chunk of Thursday – Saturday’s knitting time working on the Hermione’s Every Day Socks in some Spun Right Round yarn. I think I started these in 2016! The big issue here was definitely the yarn barf, I think my ball winder broke shortly after winding this skein, and you could tell it was on its way out. I had to cut out a 10g chunk of yarn and reattach it later on because it was so incredibly tangled that I just couldn’t do anything with it. I was maybe an inch past the heel on the first sock, and now I’m just at about that point in the second.

I was sort of hoping to finish these this weekend, but I got distracted by a new test knit. I stumbled across the “activity” feature on Ravelry – is this a new thing or just something I hadn’t noticed before?? I was taking a quick look and noticed a new test knit for socks that looked really nice, so I started those. They are called the Wispy Crown socks and it’s a really cool pattern.

Back at work this week, sigh. I was really able to disconnect and step aside from work. On Friday I went to the beach with a friend, and yesterday we had lunch with my parents for Father’s Day, then my mom had organized a “drive by party” with some friends and family for my birthday. It was really nice but very hot! Have a good week everyone!


  1. Gorgeous Socks! I absolutely adore that pattern and would love to make another pair.

    Where is the Activity section located? I’ve looked on the new Ravelry and can’t find it, but am interested in checking it out.

    Good luck in getting back in the groove! I can’t wait til my next vacation 😀

  2. I love both socks – the testknit looks super elegant, way to go! And I LOVE the grey socks, the yarn looks super fun (I’m sorry about the yarn barf though). Don’t stress, but I could get used to this! 🙂

    1. I hope so! I was able to save the yarn barf, but I think I took some away from the skein to send in a mini skein exchange, so it will definitely be tight but I measured and it should be fine 🤞🏼

  3. I’m intrigued you’ve used a different heel on HES pattern, I mostly knit that pattern for the heel as it’s the perfect fit for me. Is that a fish lips kiss heel you’ve done? I have bought it but haven’t given it a go yet.

    1. Yes, it’s a fish lips kiss heel. I’m really using the HES for the stitch pattern since I’m doing them toe up. I really like the FLK heel from a process perspective, you can do it all on one needle and it’s easy to remember!

  4. Lovely socks!! I’m excited to see how your test knit turns out.

    Good luck getting back to work. I have to imagine everyone’s taking as many precautions as they can, but I think I’d be begging to continue working from home!!

    Take care this week!

    1. Thanks Katie! Thankfully I’m not back in the real office – just back in my home office and having to do work and not just knit all day, so the transition is still hard! 🙂 My office may open in part this summer, but they have already said you can work from home until Labor day if you want to, and I do!

      1. Oh! I totally misread your post then. I’m so sorry! I’m glad you’re still working from home 🙂

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