Vacation – YOP 20/21 – Week 13

Hello everyone! Thanks again for all the kind comments on my last post, and thanks for sticking around. I really appreciate it. 💙💜💗

It’s Sunday, so I’m writing about my Year of Projects projects. YOP is a group of bloggers on Ravelry who plan what they want to work on for the year and then write about it! You can check out my plans here.

It will just be a quick one today as I’m still on vacation and I’m trying to write on my iPad which is a bit tough. But – good news – the Ranch Coat is done! It wasn’t quite dry before I left, so I’ll get some nice FO-tos when I get back tomorrow! It’s such a cozy sweater and I’m really excited to wear it now that it’s getting cooler. Even Angel likes it!

I’ve spent the weekend at this really nice AirBnb about 1/2 and hour from me. It’s been really nice to just relax and knit, which is mostly what I did. Even though all weekends have been kind of like this during the pandemic, it was really nice to do that away from my normal surroundings. This place is super cozy, with an awesome rooftop patio and I’ve loved sitting outside by the outdoor fireplace and doing lots of knitting. I’m finished one of the Joy mitts (after getting about halfway through on a larger size before realizing it was too big), cast on another Ripple Bralette, and have almost finished my second Malachitus sock. Here’s some photos!

My next project is another sweater test knit – it’s the upcoming design from The Sweater Collective. Fear not though, it still fits into my YoP plans, since I have working down sweater stashes on there, and I’ll be using a DK sweater weight stash I’ve got. I had another project sort of set aside for it, but I was never really in love with it and when I saw this design it just looked really awesome so I figured I’d try it!

Have a great week everyone! I hope you all find some moments of peace amidst all this tumult in which we live.


  1. I read “My Dear Hamilton” Last year, and I really loved it. Are you enjoying it?

    Did you even have ice cream this weekend?!?!?!?! I haven’t had ice cream since the last time I took my kids hiking last month! This looks like the perfect weekend.

    1. So far I really like it – definitely right in my wheelhouse – I love historical fiction!
      Yes I had some moose tracks ice cream with my chocolate hard cider – I hadn’t had ice cream too much this season either so it was definitely a nice treat.

  2. Ohhhh, colour me a little jealous about the outdoor fireplace – that is amazing!! I am so glad that you could have a “tapestry change” as we say in German, sometimes that can work wonders!

    The mittens are so beautiful – I admired them a lot when they came out, and they are super pretty! The sweater is wonderful, too – I love the colour and the cables! (please say hi to Angel once you’re home!).

    I am so looking forward to your next sweater, you always pick great yarn with our projects. 🙂 (Did you finish some more WIPs, btw? Or are you indulging in new knits for now?)

    1. Oh I love that phrase – “tapestry change” that is definitely what I did and it was so worth it!
      Sadly my plan to finish existing things was not met, I wanted to bring stuff I could knit at night by the fire without needing to follow patterns so I brought the ripple bralette to cast on since that’s easy. One day I’ll get through those older things!

      1. I am so glad that you had a great time!! Don’t worry about the WIPs or UFOs – I have three or four laying around here I wanted to have finished by the end of the year, but if all else fails, I’ll take them into 2021, that’s cool. 😉 I am really excited to see the bralette, I’ve seen it on so many blogs, and it’s a gorgeous pattern 🙂

  3. It’s amazing how much more relaxing it can be to just be away from your home and the chores it may remind you of. The place you are staying at looks and sounds lovely. The fingerless glove looks gorgeous and I love the wee square of the colours. Very cute.

  4. Your ranch coat is done! Congrats, and it is so pretty! I love the mitts and I’m going to look for the pattern. Your Air B&B looks wonderful. Where do you live? I read your “bio” and I too like to eat and cook good food and that book looked interesting too. I hope you are enjoying your vacation and the cider looks good too! Take care!

  5. What a beautiful little retreat you have given to yourself. The photos makes me yearn for a quite little get away too. Congrats on finishing the Ranch Coat. Nice fingerless mitts too. Enjoy the rest of your get away.

  6. Vacation during these times are weird, so I’m glad that you’ve been able to find a way to have an enjoyable one! I love the way the mitts are turning out. And it looks like your kitty thinks you made a kitty bed, not a human sweater.

  7. I too love knitting by the firepit. I don’t care if it makes my yarn smell like campfire smoke …. is there a better smell??? Unlike you, I got very little knitting done on my weekend in the Smokey Mountains but that’s ok. My yearly plan is simply a guide and not a commitment. 🙂

  8. Well done on finishing the Ranch coat and hey, I have a black and white kitty too! I am glad you enjoyed your time away. It sounds cozy for sure. Sorry your first mitt was too big, but you will be happy you frogged it to start over. Can’t wait to see you model that coat!

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