September WIP Wrap-Up

Woah, where the heck did September go! Anyway, here’s the progress I made in September on my WIPs. I didn’t write one of these for August so I don’t have a comparison pic.

WIPs/UFOs on September 1: 10

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlI Want a Revelation socksGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlDruid Circle sweaterLarksfoot blanket,  Ranch Coat, Grandpa jumper sleeves, Malachiticus Socks)

Projects cast on in September: 2

(Ripple Bralette 2, Joy Mitts)

Projects cast off in September: 2

(Ranch Coat, Malachiticus Socks)

WIPs/ UFOs on September 30: 10

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlI Want a Revelation socksGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlDruid Circle sweaterLarksfoot blanket, Grandpa jumper sleeves, Ripple Bralette 2, Joy Mitts)

Wips as of September 30th

Blanket squares completed: 0

New blanket square count/ %: 75 – 16%

This still looks the same as it did during the July wip wrap-up 🙁

Well, my WIP pile is still hovering! Which I guess is a win. But I’m not really meeting my goal of working down the pile. Oh well, things have come up that I have been interested in! Since I didn’t do an August WIP wrap-up, there’s actually a whole tee that I knit in the month of August which is why I came into September with the same number of WIPs. Definitely feels good to get the Ranch Coat off the needles. Honestly though, the idea of getting some of these older things off the needles just gets less and less exciting as the year goes on lol. I just keep wanting to make new sweaters and new patterns and getting these off just feels so time consuming at this point. In October, I’ll be primarily dividing my time between the Slipstravaganza MKAL and the new test knit I’ll cast on tomorrow! So probably won’t have any time to work on these older WIPs too much. I’ll also try to finish the Joy mitts and Ripple Bralette this weekend.

I also wanted to write a quick wrap up of the Malachitus socks, which I finished Monday.

This is my first pair of truly lacy socks, and I like them, but I’m not sure I’ll make many more. It’s jut not my favorite feel in a sock. But I’m happy I made them because it’s always good to try something new. The test knitting process was seamless, I’ve tested for Carolyn several times, and she’s a great designer to work with. All the patterns I’ve tested are really great because they look complex but are actually fairly easy, repetitive, yet fun to make. These socks do fit my favorite type – a stich pattern than is something that adds interest, but is also simple enough that I can have it memorized. These socks are just an 8 row repeat. The socks also have an afterthought heel that I LOVE the fit of. Definitely the best fitting afterthought heel I’ve tried.


  1. If you aren’t loving some of those WIPs and they are giving any feelings of guilt, then I personally would frog them…but I have just 1 long term WIP and feel guilty I ignore it but it’s brioche cables and my brain just isn’t up to them st the moment.

  2. I feel I have too many WIP’s too. I’m horrid at KAL’s b/c I usually never finish on time or one that I had joined there’s no way I can knit a pair of socks in a month.

  3. I love the yarn you chose for your socks – it goes so well with the pattern!

    I laughed when I saw that you started the month with 10 UFOs and finished the month with the same number! But that’s okay!! I love how flexible you are and the fact that you’re allowing yourself to pick up new projects as you go along. I’m a bit of a masochist and don’t tend to allow myself to do that… which creates big gaps in my knitting progress. I hope you have a fabulous knitting month in October 🙂

  4. Those are fun socks! I love knitting lace socks, though lately I look for patterns (or modify the pattern) which have a plain foot and a patterned leg. They seem to fit better in my shoes that way.

    Best of luck on the lingering UFOs! I am really glad I cleaned out my UFO pile a while ago and have managed so far to keep the WIPs under control. It can be really daunting, though. I ended up frogging a lot.

    1. Yes indeed! I think it might be time for another round of frogging! A few of these I said I would frog if I didn’t work on them before the end of the year and that’s looking less and less likely

      1. I guess the question then becomes would it be more helpful to frog them now, so that they aren’t cluttering up your WIP list, or to wait until the end of the year? Frogging projects I’m indifferent to can be very therapeutic, but once or twice I have gone a bit overboard and frogged projects I should have just sat down and worked on, instead.

  5. Those are beautiful socks -love the pattern and the yarn you chose for them 🙂 Your WIPs will happen when you are ready. Think of it as a stockpile of projects that someday will be quick and satisfying finishes!

  6. Don’t worry too much about the UFOs – I’m in the same spot right now, I have four things or so that I would/should finish, but right now, I am more interested in new stuff. One day, you will go through your pile and then burn through it. The socks look great – this is an interesting stitch pattern! At first I thought it would be a little too delicate, but it seems sturdy enough!

  7. Maybe a frogathon is in the offing? At least that way the number of WIPs (and possible associated guilt) will go down pretty quickly. Or you might realise that you really don’t want to frog them and it’ll re-ignite the spark to carry on with them.

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