Ranch Coat

So as I mentioned in my post Sunday, I finished my Ranch Coat, and I’m pretty freaking pleased with it. I was going to write about it on Sunday in my YoP update but I just can’t wait – I took some photos during my lunch break today and I’m just so excited about it.

I had a fun little photoshoot

Well yep, I love everything about this! When I was trying to decide what pattern I wanted to make with this yarn, I knew I wanted something all over cabled. I had knit my Caspain (Rav link) in a different color of the same yarn, and the cables were just so gorgeous that I wanted more. I also loved the idea of pockets. This pattern totally delivered on both. I love how the cables get bigger as you go down the body, I love the a-line shaping, I love how the construction makes it flow in front, I love the big cozy cuffs. Yeah, it’s just the perfect pattern.

The sweater just generally has a lot of positive feelings stitched into it, which is kind of odd I guess considering it was knit in 2020. But the story of this sweater is the story of my knitting friendships. When a few of us went to Rheinbeck last year, we saw a group of people who were wearing sweaters of the same yarn. We all immediately were like “yeah, let’s do that.” My friends went to Webs and picked out this yarn during their Super Bowl party. I worked on this a few times at knitting club with everyone else. It’s just a really special reminder of belonging, even during a time of isolation. As I’ve said before, I’m really thankful that we’ve been willing and able to still meet in person. Sure it’s different, but it’s still a group of people who are connected by this love of crafting.

As far as the actual pattern is concerned, I knit as written except for two very small mods. The bottom of the sweater has 2×2 ribbing, which I thought was a bit odd considering the cuffs were in seed stitch like the neck band. So I made the bottom hem seed stitch as well. I also somehow ended up with two extra stitches on the sleeves, so I did an additional decrease to get to the # of stitches in the pattern, then I tried it on and decided I wanted to do one more, so I did. I was slightly worried it might be shorter than I was expecting, I didn’t do a swatch and my row gauge can be a little smaller than normal, but it’s actually a great length. It doesn’t end quite as low in the back as the original pattern pictures show, but it covers my bum and that’s what I wanted! This was also my first time doing pockets and I’ll definitely be adding them to more sweaters!

Anyway, I’ll stop gushing now 🤣 But I mean, can you blame me lol!


  1. It’s just beautiful! I love everything about it too, and enjoyed reading about all the details. Enjoy. And gush away! Great picture of you wearing it – what a lovely contrast between its color and the golden brown leaves.

  2. What a joyous post to read, your enthusiasm leaps off the page and no wonder, it looks great and is a big achievement to have done all those cables! Cute photo with the autumn leaves, I love autumn.

  3. Wow, wow, wow! I am so impressed that you knit this so quickly, especially with all of the cables!! You look GREAT in it – and oh, so happy!! Enjoy your snuggly woolen this fall and winter!

  4. Gush away, it’s totally deserved! This is so amazing. I would love a sweater like this but my patience for cables doesn’t extend this far yet. I bet you’ll wear the heck out of this!

  5. !!! I love this! Especially the first picture! You look so happy wearing it, and it looks great on you! This is a really beautiful piece, and I would have made the match with moss stitch instead of ribbing as well (it just makes sense that way). I love that you all used the same yarn for this – and I am really happy that you can still meet up in one way or another!! I should try that again as well, I think. I haven’t been to a knitting meeting in ages.

  6. Aww I love that photo with the leaves! You look so darn happy. Also loving the Ranch, which looks beautiful and cosy and all the good things knitwear should be. I hope you get years and years of use out of it.

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