A walk around the cemetery

Way to go America! I hope Biden/Harris will be good for our country, and that we all keep working for a better, more inclusive and equal country for us all. Even with this victory, we still have a long way to go.

The past few days have been beautiful weather-wise, so today I took a walk about Cedar Hill Cemetery. This is a large cemetery that has some important people buried there, mostly important in the history of Hartford/ CT in general.

But the most famous person buried there is actress Katherine Hepburn. People have placed some things on her grave.

One of the reasons I wanted to walk around the cemetery today was to think about our ancestors, and how we carry on the legacies they leave us. As a country, we have a long way to go, to both be in a place people have envisioned for us, and also deal with the mistakes they may have made. Anyway, I’ll stop trying to be deep now and just let you enjoy the nice photos of fall in the cemetery.

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  1. sara says:

    Gorgeous pics and place!

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  2. I love your deep thoughts.

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  3. Alissa Head says:

    Beautiful photos.

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  4. bonnyknits says:

    Beautiful! And thanks for sharing Katharine Hepburn’s grave; I love her.

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  5. Beautiful! I really do enjoy walking around cemeteries – so much history! Lovely pics 🙂

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  6. nanacathy2 says:

    I love a cemetery walk, and fancy having Katherine Hepburn to visit- my Mum loved the film The African Queen. Thank you for this interesting post.

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  7. Jenny says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photos! So relieved Biden/Harris were elected but like you said, so much work to be done.

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  8. Stefanie says:

    Oh wow, impressed that Hepburn is buried there.

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    1. Most of her family is so I’m sure that’s why!


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