October WIP Wrap-up – YOP 20/21 – Week 18

Hi everyone! Happy November (what?!?). Sorry I haven’t been on much commenting on people’s blogs lately – I’ve been a bit stressed about work and *gestures to the state of the world* all this so just have been taking solace in lots of knitting and rewatching old TV shows, operas, and listening to books and Great Courses lectures I’ve listened to over and over again.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so this is a year of projects (Ravelry) post, but since it’s also the first of the month, I’m making it a monthly wrap up post too.

WIPs/UFOs on October 1: 10

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlI Want a Revelation socksGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlDruid Circle sweaterLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleevesRipple Bralette 2Joy Mitts)

September 30th

Projects cast on in October: 4

(Plush Sweater, Slipstravaganza MKAL, Knit Pumpkin, Little Love)

Projects cast off in October: 2

Knit Pumpkin, Little Love

WIPs/ UFOs on September 30: 12

October 1, the only October projects that got any love

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlI Want a Revelation socksGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlDruid Circle sweaterLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleevesRipple Bralette 2Joy Mitts, Plush Sweater, Slipstravaganza MKAL)


Blanket squares completed: 4

New blanket square count/ %: 79 – 16%

I didn’t bother taking a full photo of the WIPS since nothing except the three above looks any different. I did A TON of knitting in October (more than 86 thousand stitches, yes I count them all) but there were all in the big projects of the sweater and the MKAL shawl, plus two smaller projects. I do think over the Christmas/ New Years week I’m going to take a long hard look at WIPs and probably frog some. But I’ve got a several days off before then so we’ll see how much of a dent I can make

By the way, here’s some photos of the cute little knit pumpkin (rav link) I made for the pumpkin “carving” contest at work. This was a fun little two day project! I added the “carving” with some embroidering and I’m actually very please with how it turned out!!

I also finished my little love note! I ended up making the one year old size, which I think will be good for the baby who is due in late January. This pattern was just as fun to make in a baby size as it was in me size 🙂

To finish off, here’s a few photos of non-knitting things happening in the past few weeks!

Hope you’re all doing well! What are you working on this week?


  1. Love all the projects and the pumpkin is super cute. I also love that mitered square blanket – I’ve been looking for a pattern like that for my sock yarn leftovers.

  2. I’m enjoying reading all the blog in YOP as I learn how different knitters can be. I find I stress if I have more than 3-4 projects as WIPS. (Does that make me a product knitter??). While I like to have at least a pair of socks and a sweater/top going at the same time, I try to avoid having too many more WIPs. It amazes me the number of folks with a fairly long list of WIPs. My memory simply isn’t good enough to pick up WIPs that have been sitting for a couple of months. But I’m glad all those opportunities to knit work for you. Your bread looks scrumptious. The baby sweater is ridiculously adorable!!

  3. Everything looks wonderful, Kath! I have been a bit in my shell of late. Don’t you love the Love Note??? The look on kitteh’s face with that pumpkin is priceless. It is clear to me who is the boss in your house.

  4. I love both the little Love Note and the pumpkin! Both so cute, though it very different ways!

    I hope that November is a good month for you. I don’t know where October went, personally, but I have hopes for the rest of the year.

  5. Love your wrap up post, and congrats on the knitted pumpkin for the contest at work. Clever you! I hear you about avoiding, well everything, what with politics and covid and and and. I hope November gives you some respite and that the election results are finalized shortly and peacefully. Prayers to you and yours.

  6. I thought I commented the other day but don’t see my comment, hopeless! I love the little pumpkin and the baby love note is precious. These are for sure stressful times so take care of yourself.

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