FO Friday – Plush Sweater

Ok I think this is the second time it’s happened where a pattern I test knit launched the day after I posted another FO. I’m not quite this productive, this sweater was finished a month ago haha!

  • Pattern: Plush Sweater by Jessica Gore
  • Yarn: KnitPicks City Tweed in Blue Blood
  • Timeline: cast on 10/1/20, cast off 11/11/20

I have some mixed feelings about the final product, but not about the pattern. I love the IDEA of the sweater. It is super cozy and comfy, and I absolutely loved every second of knitting it. The construction is amazing, so fun to make, and the pattern is incredibly well written and includes some very helpful video tutorials. The shoulder seam especially is super creative and almost invisible, which made me happy. I highly encourage you to buy the pattern (on sale until 12/15) and to make one of your own.

BUT, maybe don’t make it in this yarn? Or make a size smaller? Or just don’t block it maybe? My stitch gauge is right on, but my row gauge was way big after blocking, resulting in a body circumference 10 inches wider than the pattern, which already included 4-8 in of positive ease. On me, this results in a sweater that’s just a little too big and inclined to slide off my shoulders. I also have to quadruple cuff the sleeves. The sweater is wearable, but it’s definitely a “lounge around the house and do some knitting” kind of sweater rather than a “wear to the office to be cozy, yet professional in the winter” kind of sweater. I think it’s due to the alpaca content in the yarn? I did wash and block a gauge swatch, and it was a bit larger but not to this extent. I’m bummed, and kind of wish I just hadn’t blocked it at all, it fit well (slightly shorter, though I could have lived with that) pre blocking.

But, isn’t it a knitting right of passage to knit a sweater that doesn’t fit? Considering this is my 12th me-sized sweater, I’ll call that a win. (I did have another sweater that didn’t fit, but I was lazy and tried to change gauge but didn’t plan well. I went in knowing it was unlikely to fit but didn’t bother doing anything to make it fit.) This was also my first time knitting with alpaca and I guess I didn’t realize how much stretch it would have!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have kind of a busy one with some church stuff, but I’m also looking forward to some time to relax and put some dents in my socks and current reads.


  1. The sweater does look like a comfy around-the-house sweater though, so at least it works in that respect. I have found that alpaca doesn’t always do what I want it to, but I haven’t knit with it enough to be able to anticipate it yet. Oh well. Maybe this will shrink back up a little after a second wash, and then if you don’t block it maybe it will be more like it was pre-blocking? I can never tell for sure.

  2. The colours looks great on you! I have to admit that I thought it was a little big on you when you posted the pictures on ravelry, but I don’T think not blocking would have made a big difference – Alpaca grows anyway, as far as I know. It IS a beautiful sweater, and if you make another one, you know to use different yarn and maybe make it a little smaller. But the construction looks great and having a comfy sweater is always a good thing.

  3. I love how swishy and cozy that sweater looks on you! The color is gorgeous, too!

    I’ve also been disappointed by the way a sweater fits on my body but have still loved the finished project. It’s a weird conundrum because I want to wear the sweater all of the time, but choose to only wear it at home. Enjoy the coziness! It’s so super cute on you and I hope you get a lot of wear out of it 🙂

  4. I love the texture, and the colour is fab on you! I think sadly, while alpaca is wonderfully soft, the price is the lack of memory. One of my queued projects is in an alpaca blend, and I am super mindful of this happening (wish me luck!).

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