Kitchen-Aid Cover

For Christmas, my roommate got a Kitchen-Aid, and she asked if I could make a cover for it so we could have it out in our kitchen without it getting super dusty or having to look at the box. Of course I said yes, since I’m still working on my sewing skills, and figured that this would be a relatively simple project that would still be a good challenge! I used this tutorial, and spent a few hours yesterday putting this together.

I’m really happy with how this turned out! My roommate and I worked together to pick out the fabric, which is some pre-quilted cotton and basic quilting cotton from Joann’s. The pockets and main body are actually the same fabric, since this was pre-quilted you can use both sides.

This was a great next step in my sewing journey. A few things in this were a bit difficult, especially pinning the main piece up and around the sides, and getting the bindings even. I still have a really hard time cutting straight and accurate sized pieces, so some parts of this are a bit funky. I also really think I need to invest in some of those clips they show in the tutorial to make putting pieces together a bit easier, especially around curves. If I don’t get those, this project reinforced that it’s important to pay attention to how you’re pinning things in relationship to how you sew them. I stabbed myself a lot doing the first curve.

So it’s not perfect, but overall I’m really happy with how this turned out, and it adds a bright and cheery pop to our kitchen!

I still enjoy sewing, but it’s definitely not something I plan to do a lot of. The main reason is that the time it takes to get up and running is pretty high. Here, I’ll show you:

This is my crafting closet. In order to sew, I need to take the machine out of that box in the lower left, the cutting pad from behind those bins, my fabric, scissors, pins, etc from that top bin, the iron, and then the ironing board from the back of the other side of this closet! So yea, it’s a lot. And then I have to put it all away. So this is ok for a project that can take a few hours, but if I want to make something bigger (like my apron, which took me two days), I can really only do that over the course of a weekend, and leave the machine out the whole time. It’s just a bit fussy to continually sew things.


  1. That cover is perfect!!
    I purchased a tin of clips off of Amazon for $10, and they are awesome. There’s something like 100 clips on there.

    You can use them for seeming knits together too!

  2. One of the reasons I traded sewing for knitting, all those years ago, was because of the time it took me to get everything set up. I had littles at the time and often, I would barely get started and they would wake up from their nap. Oh, and the fact that my oldest (2 at the time) put a paw full of straight pins in his mouth when I wasn’t looking.

  3. Oh, it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I hear you on the sewing set-up though. A friend of mine sews, too, and she is able to set everything up in the guest room they have – otherwise, she told me, she’d never get anything done, because it simply takes up a lot of space! (I for myself have to admit that I’m REALLY not fond of ironing, so this … wouldn’t be my hobby. Ahem. 😉 ).

  4. That looks great! And I second the suggestion of using the clips for seaming knitting projects. I got some of the clips as well, and they’re a great no-snag solution to lining up knitting for seaming.

  5. The cover looks great! That is a real goings on to get set up and then clear up for your sewing projects. If you had space to keep it set up you might feel a bit differently, but I can see where you wouldn’t want to do too much of it as is.

  6. Maybe someday you’ll have a sewing corner. It does make a difference when you can keep your machines and projects out to work on when the mood strikes. That is a great cover. You did a really nice job. Now I need to make one for our mixer!

  7. Your cover is beautiful – nice work!!

    And you’re so right – sewing/quilting can take up a lot of space. My sewing stuff has moved throughout my entire house and has finally landed in the basement. It’s just too much work to take everything out and put it all away each time I want to sew a seam! But I hope you can find something that works for you if you’re enjoying the process!

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