January WIP Wrap-Up

Wow, how the heck is it February already? January was not a super productive knitting month for me, though I did get a lot of productive things done in non-knitting land, like buying and assembling a new bookcase, reorganizing my kitchen, and doing some good cooking! I’m sorry I haven’t been too engaged on here recently, I haven’t had too much brain power honestly. Work has been super busy (I think I had 20 hours of meetings last week), and so has some church work I’m a part of, so I don’t have energy for much except silly phone games and watching Murder She Wrote.

But, let’s keep accountable to myself and chat about the knitting I did do 😜

WIPs/UFOs on January 1: 7

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlDruid Circle SweaterLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleeves)

Active WIPS as of Jan 1

Projects cast on in January: 2

(Ursa Sweater, Mixed Precipitation Socks)

Projects cast off in January: 2

(Ursa Sweater, Druid Circle Sweater)

WIPs/ UFOs on January 31: 7

(Danzing ShawlCatkin ShawlGreat Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleeves, Mixed Precipitation Socks)

What I worked on in January that I didn’t finish, plus my next project!

Blanket squares completed: 0

New blanket square count/ %: 84 – 17%

Total Stitches in December: 68,089

January was also a very monogamous month for me – I only worked on the Druid Circle Sweater, then the Ursa Sweater and Mixed Precipitation socks! So I mean, I did knit a whole sweater this month! 😁 The Ursa sweater is bulky weight and cropped, so not a huge accomplishment, but nevertheless, it’s a finished object. It will get its own post eventually.

Goals for February are threefold: 1) Actually frog Danzing, which I said I would do last month; 2) Finish Mixed Precipitation socks; 3) Cast on and finish that pile you see up there, which is a test knit of the Fox Spirit Cardi. #3 is due Feb 24, so hopefully it’s another self-contained monthly knit. Get ready for lots of purple and grey over here! I’ll probably cast on another pair of socks once I finish Mixed Precipitation, as I’ve got a few sock clubs I want to work through.

Hope everyone is doing well! If you’re in the path of this winter storm we’re having here on the east coast, stay safe and warm!


  1. I think churning out a whole sweater in a month with that much work is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations! 🙂 (I saw it on ravelry and you look GREAT!) This is only January and there will be months with more headspace. (Seeing your project bags really makes me consider buying another one)

  2. You had a very productive month. I am waiting on more yarn for my husband’s blanket. In the meantime, I am working on a cowl. Meanwhile, we already have over 6 inches of snow and I was just notified my school is closed again tomorrow. whooohooo!!

  3. Watching Murder She Wrote sounds like an excellent way to spend time right now. That Jessica Fletcher can be quite saucy! Good luck with your knitting goals this month!

  4. LOVE the test knit you are doing but so amazed you can knit a sweater in less than a month!!! I have been doing “your idea” of tracking daily knitted stitches. I’ve also modified my knitting plan to include guesstimated number of stitches per item. Looks like if I can average 1000 stitiches per day I could get everything done!??

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