Sneaking in Test Knits – YOP 20/21 – Week 36

Hello! Since it’s Sunday, here’s a Year of Projects posts! Come check out our Ravelry group of super supportive bloggers.

Today I have a quick finished object to share. You might remember last week that I mentioned I was starting a big test knit. The gauge information was sent on Monday, and I finished swatching on Tuesday. The pattern didn’t come out until yesterday. Earlier in the week, I was tired of working on blanket squares, so I decided to see if there was something small I could finish. I looked on Yarnpond, which is another test knitting service I’m a part of, and saw a test for a colorwork hat. Figuring I could get this done in a couple days, I applied and was accepted.

This was a fund and easy knit! I love how the colorwork and stripes look like a road. Hats are my favorite because they can be done so quickly! I also worked a lot on my blanket this past week and have met my goal for the month already. Which is good becasue now that I have the test knit pattern, I’ll just be knitting on that all. the. time. I’m definitely worried about getting it done now that I see it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a super busy week ahead with church meetings just about every night.


  1. Your On the Road Hat looks great. What a perfect name for the pattern. And what a sweet looking kitty. It appears the blanket suits her (or him?) well.

  2. That is a cute hat. I haven’t done a test knit although that will be a future goal. I’m not confident I can a) read a pattern that hasn’t be vetted, and b) complete the knit in time. I’m a slow knitter especially for big projects like sweaters or shawls. Socks might be a better starting point for me.

  3. I feel silly that I didn’t realise they were supposed to look like roads until you said 🤦🏻‍♀️ Now it is obvious. Silly me! The blanket is looking a good size already and obviously cat approved.

  4. The hat looks great! The colour combination is really nice, especially since the weight counters the multicoloured yarn so well. Beautiful!
    Good luck for the church meetings! Are you meeting in person again, or is it via Zoom?

      1. Ah alright – yeah, I can imagine that this is more comfortable right now! 😉 But at least you can see and talk to each other (and you can knit on the side!! 😉 )

  5. Nice colors on the hat. Yes, they are fun and quick to do. Your kitty seems to be happy you worked on the blanket. Itnis just cat sized lol.

      1. Yes I am trying to resist the test knits for a bit here so I can use some stash up and get some projects donr

  6. Adorable hat! I also love making (and designing) hats because they are so quick!

    Your scrap blanket is really cool. My son was in the room when I was reading your post, and he was VERY excited to see your cat. Cats are his favorite animal, and he never misses an opportunity to comment on house cats he sees. I think you made a 5y/o’s day.

  7. That looks like a chic and cozy hat! Also a very pretty kitty! I’m having an aspirational internet night – reading your blog, and searching PetFinder, and now here’s the fusion of two things I wish I had (a cat and knitting skills!).

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