Past Projects – Golden Horizon – YOP 20/21 – Week 37

Hello! Since it’s Sunday, here’s a Year of Projects posts! Come check out our Ravelry group of super supportive bloggers.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently working on a secret test knit, so since I have no progress I can share, I’ll be talking about some projects I finished pre-blog. Up today is the first garment test I ever did, the Golden Horizon Sweater!

This was the first test I did for Tina, and I really like it! I love the contrasting stripes, it was very addicting to knit because you were like “ooh. let me get to the next stripe!” I’ve said this before, but this would be another great pattern to use a a special indie dyed skein and more affordable yarn for the main body. My friend Jen actually made this using yarn she got in Paris from La Bien Aimee for the contrasting skein! The DK weight does make it go pretty quickly, this took me just under two months on the calendar, but there were several days where I didn’t work on it at all, it looks like 26 total days of knitting. If I were to knit this again, I might try to make the neckline a little smaller, it does tend to sit a little broad on my shoulders. I also wore this to Rheinbeck 2019, and ran into someone else wearing the same sweater!

The size of the ball I had to unravel…

In terms of the test knit, it’s… going. The pattern is knit at a tight gauge, has no stockinette or garter sections, and is big and complex. There’s been some mistakes in the pattern, I misunderstood instructions, and had to tear out like 3000 stitches. The pattern isn’t also fully completed which is honestly really frustrating since I don’t really know how much I need to knit to get the thing done on time! I think I’m really going to like the end product but getting there is a bit tough. I’ve been working steadily for a week and basically have to do this for another month….

Life in general is also honestly a bit of a struggle right now. I had a ridiculous week with church meetings, I had one every day from Sunday – Friday and then will have one again today. There’s so much going on and people and situations are being a bit frustrating. I’m not feeling confident at work, even though it’s not been too busy. In general, I’m really feeling the stress of it all, and yea this week was of course the one year anniversary of the pandemic which is… you know… crazy. So many of you have written touching and insightful reflections and I’m not really in a place to do that but I’ll just say I’m endlessly thankful for all the stability I’ve had this year in the midst of so much pain, grief, and uncertainty in the world. It was really nice to spend some time outside this week, Thursday and Friday were in the low 60s! I took the last two hours of work calls outside on Thursday, and then on Friday I was able to eat lunch outside and walk around a little since I had taken the day off from work. Now of course it’s cold again, but spring is coming and that gives me hope!

Have a good week everyone, I’ll see you here again next week for another project from the past!


  1. Your first test knit is so pretty and in my favorite color too. Test knits are kind of fun to do but can also be frustrating if the instructions are not written well. Sounds like you have a great relationship with your designer which makes is so much better. I loved test knitting by my designer has since stopped designing. I was sad to see that happen but understand that life does happen.

    1. That’s interesting Marsha! I will say that my current test is the only bad experience I’ve had so far! You’re right, it’s nice to form a relationship with one or two designers and get to know their patterns

  2. So glad to have my fellow math nerd posting again. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweater!! Totally agree how satisfying it is to knit stripes. I never thought to knit one in similar color but different “shininess”. I would wear the heck out of the one you knit!! Your comments reflect my fear of doing a test knit. I’m not that great at following instructions in the first place (engineers are know to be “close enough” versus exact 😉 ) That’s why the sample knit was a better fit for me. Fingers crossed I get to do more.

    1. haha! Yeah, I usually follow the instructions pretty exactly on patterns anyway. I will say that I’ve had many many more positive experiences testing but it’s definitely not for everyone!

  3. That is a beautiful sweater! I followed your link to her site – she has a lot of nice designs 🙂 Sorry this week has been miserable for you. Hope whatever is going on at your church calms down, and hope work does as well. The current situation has been going on a year now, and it is definitely affecting a lot of people like this. Which isn’t to minimize what you are going through! Hope you get to rest and rejuvenate 🙂

  4. beautiful sweater. I love test knitting. I feel helpful and inspired by another’s creative endeavours. Yes, it has been quite a year, and to be honest I am struggling with it all quite a bit this week. But you are right. Spring is coming. The sun is getting warmer and vaccines are coming – hopefully before summer for us.

  5. Your first test looks like it was a lovely design and I really like the sheen on those stripes. I dont have as much experience as you yet but when I do I would like to adjust necklines on some patterns I like but don’t knit because the neck is either too high or too low. I’m sorry this week has been a stressful one and when knitting is usually an opportunity to relax, chill out and almost meditate it is sounding like this new test knit is the opposite. I hope it starts to get easier and you have more chances for outside knitting with socially distanced friends.

  6. Oh I hear you so much on this … the last two weeks were … not good mental health-wise. I’m super exhausted right now, and SO ANGRY and at the same time I feel I can’t really care about the whole thing anymore (which is never good for me). I hope you will get some time to yourself and that you can be outside – and I TRULY HOPE that your people will get it together and be considerate of those who haven’t been vaccinated yet!!

    The sweater is absolutely GORGEOUS! It looks so good on you, this is really some evening garment – WOW! The purple looks fantastic with your hair and complexion, you’re really hitting it out of the ballpark with your sweaters this year! Woot!

  7. That sweater is gorgeous! I’m sorry things are stressful right now. I’m also feeling the stress. I’m also not in a place to write anything thoughtful about the Covid anniversary. 💙

  8. what a lovely test knit! Now, your second one is truly a “test”! You have more patience than me. I’m sorry you had a stressful week and I hope this coming week is better for you. Take care!

  9. This is a great sweater! Maybe I should check it out – I’ve often had issues with sweater necks being too constricting, so this one looks like a great option.

    I hear you on this past week being really hard. I had started to get into a better place mentally toward the start of the year, but with the one year anniversary of all the things looming, last week was really hard. (Actually, the whole month of March so far has been feeling like a step back, emotionally.) Hang in there!

  10. The sweater is looking gorgeous! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling frustrated and not confident at work- I can definitely relate!

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