March WIP Wrap-Up

WIPs/UFOs on March 1:  4

(Great Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleeves)

Active WIPs as of March 1

Projects cast on in March: 3

(Secret Test, Casual Fashion Queen Socks, Wedding Shawl)

Projects cast off in March: 0

Projects frogged in March: 0

WIPs/ UFOs on March 31:7

(Great Western Way ShawlGrandma ShawlLarksfoot blanketGrandpa jumper sleeves, Secret Test, Casual Fashion Queen Socks, Wedding Shawl)

April 1… Uh- oh the pile is growing

Blanket squares completed: 9

New blanket square count/ %: 99 – 21%

Blanket as of 4/1

Total Stitches in February: 73,980

It was a pretty good knitting month! I feel really happy about getting 9 squares done on my blanket! I was working on that pretty consistently for the first week or so of the month until I got the pattern for my test knit. I also have a better solution for weaving in ends as I go (thanks weavin Stepen method!) and I spent some time this month weaving in all the ends where I hadn’t done that!! So that makes this less daunting as a whole lol! I think my gauge has slightly loosend since starting this 5 years ago, so it may be a little oddly shaped at the end but I’m really loving it. It’s definitely still a very long term project, I don’t really ever see myself working on a square a day or something but it still has all the awesome memories in it! Also Sarah, if you’re reading this, the first of our swap skeins is up there in the top right 😀

I also cast on two projects this month that I don’t really work on that much. I had a day off and wanted to have lunch outside and of course wanted to bring knitting! But the test knit is not good for sitting outside, so I just grabbed a partial skein of fingering weight I had leftover from a shawl and started a basic sock. I’ll keep this around and work on it whenever, I plan to do these as “all at once” socks, where I basically knit a tube with two ends of ribbing, then put in afterthought socks and heels. It’s my favorite take anywhere/ during meeting knitting, and I haven’t had places to take them but I’m hopeful I will soon 😀

The other project was a wedding shawl for my friend. I can’t decide on a pattern, so I’m just doing asymmetrical triangle with garter stitch and I’ll throw in some basic lattice lace stripes at some point. I’m honestly not sure I’ll get this done by the wedding. Though I’m feeling a bit better about the test knit getting done on time, we finally have the whole pattern and the deadline was extended! I’m just about at the halfway mark on that, so I might be able to dedicate more time to the wedding shawl. So we’ll see!

April brings some good things ahead, including a COVID vaccine appointment on April 9th!! I hope you’re all doing well, without too much to write about on my end it’s been hard to be engaged on here. And church and work have been busy as well… sigh

One last thing I wanted to do was share my non-knitting progress for the month. I started doing 1 second every day (it’s an app) last year and I take little snippets of my life. Here’s March’s recap!


  1. My first blanket project was a reversible cabled throw. It took me 3 years to complete. I started it as a newish knitter so as I worked on it, my tension over the years improved. The early end is loose and wobbly and the later end is neat and tidy. Turned out to be a trapezoid. It was a b*tch to photograph!

  2. I know I’m late commenting, but I just popped in to see what you’ve been up to. I have to say that 1 Second Everyday is really a clever idea! What a fun compilation to look back on.

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