Short and Sweet – YOP 20/21 – Week 46

Since it’s Sunday, it’s time for a Year of Projects post! Year of Projects is a Ravelry group of bloggers who plan their projects for the year. My plan has sort of gone off the rails, but I never really expected it to stay on very long!

I really don’t have much at all to share today, but I’m trying to get in to the habit of blogging more consistently so here we are. If you missed my post Wednesday, I did finish my giant test knit, but then of course immediately jumped into another secret test knit because of course I did. I have done a lot of knitting in the past week (including 7,200 stitches on my day off Wednesday!) but I can’t show any of it off. I hope to finish off this test in about two weeks so there will be some shareable progress soon! I also have some sewing plans in the near future which I’ll talk about when they actually happen for fear of jinxing them.

Otherwise life is pretty good! I had a great weekend which including outdoor knitting with friends, without masks for the first time in a year, a party at my friend’s house, getting to be the liturgist at church today and actually being in the church building for the first time in 15 months, and going through all my clothes and throwing away and donating a lot of them. Tomorrow I will go back to work in the office, again for the first time in 15 months! My work is not requiring me to (that will probably come in September or so) but for a variety of reasons I want to be there two days a week. So I’m going to start to go in Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m really excited about it, though it’s quite possible that I will be the only one on the floor which will be… interesting to be sure.

I’ll leave you with some snapshots of the weekend. Sorry for the lack of crafting content but that’s how it goes sometimes. Have a good week everyone!


  1. Wow – so many exciting “returns” this week for you – church, work, and lovely meetups with friends. Navigating this relaxation of guidelines is challenging, but so rewarding. I’m happy to hear it’s going so well for you!

    I’m especially excited about the sewing plans, but know all about jinxing plans by talking about them too soon! I’ll be waiting patiently 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the pictures!! I’m glad that you can meet friends and attend church service again, I’m so happy for you, honestly.
    That picture with the church window is so lovely!! Does your church have a website with some closeups maybe? (I love church windows, comes with the academic field. 😉 ) Especially the left and ride columns in the middle are great, it looks like the tree of life and the snake and …?

    1. Oh man I know I love stained glass windows! Most of them are Tiffany too! If you click through the feed here you can see some more photos (some posts have more than one photo too)
      Also, my favorite story about the window is this – it’s a little hard to see in my photo, but those yellow scrolly things on the side of the nativity scene have the names of the first 14 pastors of the church painted on them. And the founder of our church was named Thomas Hooker, so I always laugh that there’s a hooker next to Jesus, which I think actually is quite appropriate lol!

      1. !!! That’s just GREAT! Love it!! Thank you so much for the link, I’ll be looking that up!! (1636 too! It’s getting better and better)

  3. Progress seems to happening on all sort of fronts, so well done you! I’m looking for work at the moment and my main hope is that I get something that needs me to be in the office. I can’t imagine why anyone wants to work at home, especially if they’ve been stuck there for the past 15 months!

  4. You certainly put in the knitting this week! Wednesday’s stitch count alone beats all. So glad you were able to return to church this week. We only had 3 months of no church here. I can not imagine 15 months without it. Enjoy your 2 days back at the office. It should be very quiet there if you are the lone person.

  5. It all sounds very exciting. Your knitting progress sounds amazing even if you can’t share. Good luck on your return to work.

  6. Sounds like great progress on the test knit, even if we can’t see it yet! I am anticipating that my work will call us back to the office in early July, which will be nice in some ways (mostly because I miss my desk set-up) but in many other ways I will miss working from home. I would love to work from home full-time, but I know that isn’t going to happen at this job.

  7. Easing yourself back into a normal routine is really important, and is a really great step! Your week sounds busy, but rewarding. I love reading your blog, even if you have to be specifically vague!

  8. Great snapshots. I am not giving up my masks yet. I don’t trust ppl. My husband’s work doesn’t require them anymore but he brought one anyways. I know a fellow knitter whose parents tried no masks and they got the virus. I still have a child who needs to be vaccinated so of course I’ll still wear one for her.

    1. Yes I am not totally no mask yet- I still plan to wear them for all indoor activities with people I don’t know. It’s a minor inconvenience that could help, so there’s no reason not too! We just did masks for the three of us outside since we are all fully vaccinated with no at risk or unvaccinated family members

  9. Who knew that doing ordinary things could be so wonderful. I totally share your joy in getting out and about again. Look forward to seeing your knits as and when.

  10. So lovely to hear how your life is returning to normal. I am hoping by the fall mine will too as that is when we expect our 2nd dose of vaccine. Here in my home province they are going 4 months between doses so that as many people as possible can get the first dose as soon as possible.

  11. There must be smoke coming from your knitting needles you’ve done so many stitches in a day. I think if I was still working in an office they’d have to bribe me back in with chocolate or cake, I do so love being at home but I can imagine others being ready to return to some normality.

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