Actual Knitting Progress – YoP 20/21 – Week 47

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Coming at you today with a Year of Projects post, though my list has definitely gone up in smoke! I am thinking about if/ how I want to do YoP next year, with only 4 more weeks left in this YoP year. I definitely like the idea of blogging every Sunday and reading what everyone else in the Ravelry group is up to, but I have a hard time committing to specific projects. I just get so taken away by test knits or new things that come up or projects I’ve decided I really want to make. So I’m putting some thought around how my YoP list could be a bit more general or allow me to check things off (because I do love the satisfaction of that!) while still allowing myself to work on whatever strikes my fancy.

This week, I am excited to show you actual knitting progress! It’s not that much because I still am spending a lot of time on my smaller test knit (though that’s halfway done, yay!), but I did feel the need to cast something on that was simpler and something I could actually share!

It’s not a whole lot to look at yet, but this is the Wee Envelope by Ysolda Teague. I absolutely LOVE the construction of this sweater. It is genius and I’m really enjoying knitting it. My coworker and his wife are about to have a baby, which I knew about in like.. March but oops giant test knits. So I’m trying to work on that in bits and pieces when I need a break from tiny cables. I have to be careful though or I’ll never finish the test knit because I just want to work on this all the time – baby knits are so precious and adorable!

Yesterday I had absolutely no plans, so I actually ended up going to a local brewery and sat outside for a few hours enjoying a flight, knitting, and a book! It was really lovely. And then today my college roommate came over for a few hours and we made a delicious pasta and veggie salad. We used to cook together a lot pre-COVID so it was so nice to be able to do that together again since we’re both vaccinated.

I did go back to work this week too, which I personally really, really, needed. I know it’s not for everyone right now but I needed the structure and to get used to the commuting and being in the office before also needing to do that with people. I also really missed just being in Hartford. I just really love the city, even though it’s small and has its issues. While I don’t regret moving from my apartment in November 2019 (trying to live there during COVID would have been awful) I just missed walking around the park, or visiting the library or the art museum on my lunch break. While being in the office is still a little odd, I was the only one on my entire floor which usually has 50+ people, I am really so excited to get back to these things and being in the office just brings a sense of focus to me that I really need at work right now.

I am vaguely hopeful that next week I will have more progress that can actually be shown off, and I’ll probably pop in for an Unraveled Wednesday post this week too, as I’ve definitely been in a reading mood recently! Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. My list goes to pot every year, your Test Knits are my Accessories, I’m totally a squirrel for them and end up at the end of the year having done mostly unplanned things hahaha. But I too like the routine and seeing what everyone is up to so I was thinking next year I may be less specific with my list. You could just have on your list a line saying “Test Knits”. I’m thinking of saying a number of garments and number of accessories with examples…but not set in stone as I’ve already moved some from my year 8 one each year and still haven’t cast them on.

  2. Hartford, is that where the Gilmores had lived ^__^? I love how the brewery set up that sampler. I used to be part of YOP but I didn’t want to always just blog on Sundays unless I kept my knitting WIP’s to that day? Hmmm…that is a thought…

    1. haha yea it is Hartford CT ๐Ÿ˜‚
      That’s a good idea! Many YoP bloggers do items other than knitting too! I’ve seen crochet, weaving, felting, cross stitch, sewing- basically a little of everything!

  3. Ahh, a beer lover too. We had our book club discussion Thursday evening at the local nanobrewery near our church. I also participate in a Purls and Pints group that meets at a different brewery (pre-Covid). Hoping it will start back up soon now that vaccines are plentiful here in Ohio. For me my plan is good for a chuckle – comparing my Jan plans versus what I actually did by December.

    1. Nice! Yeah my knitting friends met at a brewery for trivia and knitting for a while – it was actually one of the last things I did pre COVID
      That’s a good point about laughing about the plan – always good to take things in a positive light!

  4. It seems you have a bit of conflict between whether you want to celebrate your natural inclination to run off after shiny new knits or to seek some control over it and, ultimately, only you can answer that. However, with the codicil that I don’t know what the purpose of the Year of Projects is and I haven’t been a Ravelry user for several years, it seems to me that it’s more on the ‘control’ side, seeking to make you accountable for your choices.
    I second Highland Heffalump’s idea of adding Test Knits to your YoP list, and if you do decide you’re seeking more control then you could limit the nuber of test knits you allow yourself. That way, if you leap into test knits early in the year you’ll have to really think about how much you want to do each one as the number of possible slots diminishes through the year.

    1. Yes definitely, I’m thinking of a kind of “slot based” system, like I want to make 4 sweaters, do 5 test knits, make 1/2 my projects from stash, and then if a projects meets multiple goals, awesome! I really like the idea of accountability and checking things off but I’ve found planning everything out a year in advance just doesn’t work for me.

  5. Sounds like you had a great week! Love the color of your new start ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see your test knits, they sound amazing! The beer flight look very good ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Funny how plans go walk about isn’t it. What with lockdowns, changes arising from them and events, projects and priorities change. I like a list to tick off, so try to do mine monthly rather than annually, less likely to wander off then. Love the colour of the knitting you shared.

  7. It’s great to hear that you could go into the office again this week. It’s been a strange 18 months. As for the knits – I always go with the flow. There is not the remotest chance that I could stick to a list for a year, so well done for completing even part of it. Love Ysolda’s patterns too.

  8. I made a big list, and then when I crossed off half of them, I re-made my list. When I circle back on my year (in August), I’ll re-do my list.
    Some of my prospects dropped off. Some priorities changed. One of my goals is to use 100 balls of stash yarn- so every project I create with stash counts as progress to my YOP goal!

    I’m so happy you are able to slowly ease back into the office (without the distraction of EVERYONE else being there too!). I know working from home has its perks, but sometimes the structure provided by being somewhere else is a major boost to productivity!

  9. Sounds like a great week! I love working on baby knits; they’re so small and cute and FAST to knit. ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad I’m not planning on having any of my own ever, though I suppose I could just knit baby things just to knit them. Donations are always possible for that.

    I hear you on the “getting used to going to the office before you also have to get used to co-workers” thing. I’ve only got about a dozen people in my office that I’ll need to adjust to, but that’s eleven more people than I’m used to at the moment. It’s going to take some time to re-adjust.

    1. Yes baby knits are the best – I went from never needing to knit a baby thing to suddenly 3 babies this year!

      Yeah definitely – my floor usually has like 70 people, though it’s hard to know how many people will be there consistently in a post-COVID world

  10. I’m glad you’re able to start going in to the office again. Even though I do like working from home, there are parts of being on-site that I miss. I’m hoping that more companies have learned to trust their employees and are open to being more supportive of what works best for them.

  11. Oh yes, it is time to be thinking of my Year 11 list of projects. The great thing is if there are lots of unfinished projects they either get pushed off the list entirely, or pushed to next year. Either way it is win-win. I love baby knits too. So quick and adorable and my goodness that construction does look very intriguing.

  12. I don’t make an annual YOP list anymore, but now I’m feeling pressure about pulling together a wrap-up post. Four weeks is all I’ve got to do that? How does this sneak up on me – every year?!? Wee Envelope looks like a sweet little sweater. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. That is a LOT of beer! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I really adore the honeycomb “board”?, by the way!). If you want, a tiny hat is always quickly made, but Wee Envelope is such a cute pattern! I bet that the parents will love it, honestly.
    Also, I’m super happy that you could get back into the office and that you feel more comfy that way! That’s great, honestly. ๐Ÿ™‚

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