“The Strength Lies In Who You Are” – Unraveled Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I’m joining up with the good folks over at As Kat Knits to share reading and knitting progress. Check out the link party for lots of great inspiration.

Today’s post will be pretty reading centric. I have no knitting progress I can show you. I think I’ve knit a little bit on the Wee Envelope, but it doesn’t look significantly different from Sunday’s post. I am going to struggle a bit to finish my test by the 5/31 deadline (I knew this going in and so does the designer) but I’m hoping that maybe the long weekend for Memorial Day will be I can put this test away and start to work on other things!

So, let’s jump into the reading then shall we? I have definitely stayed in my reading stride recently, I’m actually working on two books right now which is a bit confusing, but I have a good reason (I guess?). Ok, so electronic reading is great for me because it makes knitting + reading easier, and with the test knit I’m doing, spending time reading instead of knitting just isn’t really an option now. I’ve never been able to really concentrate on an audiobook while knitting, if my mind wanders or I need to focus on the pattern then I’ve lost part of the story, vs with visual reading where ok I might re-read a few sentences but at least I’m not missing things. ANYWAY, now that I’m going into the office, I like to bring my Nook with me to read at lunch. The trouble is, i can’t figure out how to get library books on my old Nook Glow Light anymore. I can borrow books from Hoopla or Libby to my heart’s content on my iPad, but don’t want to bring that to work. So that means I’ve had a book on my iPad and a book on my Nook both going at the same time. This is a little frustrating but I’m actually really enjoying both of the current books so I guess it’s working for now.

Unraveled by Claire Olivia Golden

Unraveled is currently my Nook book. Appropriate for today’s post, no? I found this book because Claire is actually a fellow blogger. This book has a little bit of everything – yarn, fantasy, lesbians, mental health. I’m really enjoying it so far and looking forward to seeing how it ends.

The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco

My iPad book is the Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco. This is actually the second book in a series, the first book is called the Bone Witch and I’ve read that one in the time between the last Unraveled Wednesday post and now. I am really intrigued by this series – it’s fantasy, the main character is a necromancer, and there’s lots of Asian inspiration. There’s a whole class of powerful women magicians who seemed to be based (granted, from what little I know of this topic) on geishas. I am slightly annoyed by the two parallel stories, the majority of the books are told as like flashbacks as you see little snippets of the present, but I like the premise and characters enough to keep going. I also really loved the suprise nod to a trans-like character in The Bone Witch, and this quote in particular: “then perhaps we should carve a world where one day the strength lies in who you are rather than in what they expect you to be”

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorthy L Sayers

I’ve read this book before, but when I was going to the brewery on Saturday I wanted to bring my Nook and not my iPad and this was the first one that caught my fancy. I read it in a day or two. Lord Peter Wimsey is one of my favorite fictional characters, I actually have a lot of these books on audiobook and since I’ve listened to them once I kind of listen to them over and over again.

So, that’s it for me! I really really really hope that the next time you hear from me I will have actual knitting to show off, though since I think it’s unlikely I’ll have a FO by Sunday.. Idk we’re close guys. Hope you all have a good rest of your week and enjoy your crafting and/or reading pursuits!


  1. I liked The Bone Witch series. I need to read that again; I know at one point I was thinking of buying it. If I listen to an audiobook, it has to be a light plot which is why I usually listen to cozy mysteries.

  2. Those sound like great books – thanks for the reviews! I usually like to listen to a podcast or audiobook when I’m knitting, but neither the book nor the listening can be too involved 🙂

  3. Lord Peter Wimsey is one of my favourites, too, although back in the 1960s when the the BBC screened a series starring the redoubtable Ian Carmichael in the lead role I was too young to appreciate it and then spent years thinking both the series and the star were not my cup of tea. Listening to the BBC radio dramas (also starring Mr. Carmichael) brought me to my senses and since then I’ve listened to them several times and bought the TV series on DVD. Funnily, though, I’ve never read the books.

      1. I’ve got a good friend who’s collecting the books so I’m hoping to have some get-togethers so we can watch the series and then maybe I can borrow some of the books.

      1. Yes, that’s a great idea!! I don’t have an ebook reader but it might be the last resort .. but maybe I can get my hands on this, we’ll see. I’ll try!

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